Graymelin Seven Tatoo Eyebrow #Dark Brown Review

To start my BNT News Beauty Box review, I will start it with review of Graymelin eyebrow products. The color I got is Dark Brown.
The tatoo eyebrow comes inside a black box. The design is very simple and boring *ups*
List of ingredients.
Expiry date.
The tatoo eyebrow comes in a slim black tube, looks just like eyeliner packaging.
The colour of the tatoo eyebrow is written clearly on the surface. Usually we have to look at the bottom of the tube, or at other side of the tube, but that’s not the case for this tatoo eyebrow. 😉
This is what I meant earlier by “other side of the tube”.  It’s best to use 6 months after opening the product.
The tip is very thin and sharp. Wow! It’s very easy to draw the pointy part of eyebrow with this. 😀
Swatch on my hand. The colour is not too dark, but if you apply it again and again, of course the colour become darker. ^^
 This is the pic from my Simple Tutorial: Get Your Fall/Winter Look. 
You can see that at the left picture, my brow is kinda brown. Yes, that’s the effect of the tatoo eyebrow! It’s amazing. Everyday I wash my face and it’s still there. I think it’s more than 5 days now. Until today (6 days), the swatch are still visible on my hands, although it’s not that obvious. So I think the seven in the name of the product really works. It will stays on your eyebrow for around 6 to 7 days, even after washing. ^^
As I have said above, it’s really easy to draw your eyebrow with it. The sharp thin tip makes it easy to draw fake hair that looks just like your real eyebrow. XD And the colour matches my hair too. But I think it’s quite tiring to draw my eyebrow with this product because of the thin tip and my sparse eyebrow hair. 
Overall it’s a nice product, it’s my first time trying tatoo eyebrow and I feel positive about this product. I like how it can stay for around 6 days on my eyebrow and the colour matches my hair colour. ^^
This product was sent to me for review purpose. Nevertheless the review is made based on my honest opinion after using the product. Visit BNT News for updated news about Korean fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment.  ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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