Halloween Look: Brides of 1920’s

Happy Halloween All!
Many bloggers have updated their blog with Halloween theme’s makeup, never did once I think that I will join the crowd. Hahhaa.. But thanks to Absconding Reality Photography that finally I can see my horror face *though I know my everyday face is horror already* XD
As you know, Absconding Reality Photography is a conceptual photography with fine-arts touch and senses. Previously I had one photoshoot with them which makes me so satisfied (if you haven’t read it, you can read it here) and I’m sure that this one will turn out great too! 😀
Together with some of my blogger friends: Nila, Iva, and Riri, we made it last Sunday. So here are some of the photos with the short stories. Enjoy ^^
Long long time ago, on 1919, there was a rich yet powerful merchant living in the area. Everybody respect and fear him. Just like any rich merchant, he likes women to fulfill his lust. Any women who were chosen to be his will be filled with treasures that one can never imagined.
But this obsession of the merchant often lead to tragic ending, because there were so many women that want to be his wife or concubine and tried to kill one another.
On one very lovely day, the merchant would choose his 123rd concubines, there were four beautiful women left that the merchant could hardly choose which one he wanted. So he gathered them altogether in the castle to serve him.
Turned out that night would be one of the most tragic night in the castle. The night that supposed to be the most beautiful night filled with joy, laughter, and happiness had become the night that would witness their death. Their heart weren’t as beautiful as their face, they hated each other, envied each other, that in the end they poisoned each other.
Until the point where this story is written, the castle is still closed for public because the souls of those brides are still haunted the castle and waiting for one rich merchant to marry them.
The End.
So how is it? Creepy enough? XD
Well I know it’s not as creepy as those with skull face or full of blood and bruise, but for me this is creepy enough because I don’t like horror movies ._.v
Nila and Iva were so into their characters, can you feel it? 😀
Some close-up photos:
I didn’t even want to look at mirror that day T.T
And after the photoshoot finished, I removed all the bobby pins and turned out that my hair is quite pretty and creepy also so we did additional shoot :p
Some of behind the scene photos:
Was doing my base makeup using Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion <3   Gita and Riri braided my hair, thank you girls for the awesome work :* I should say that Riri is really good at hairstyling, and she did her own hair. I am never good at hairstyling, even just blowing or using curling iron ;_;       The final result. So pretty 😀   <3 <3 <3   Silly Gita! Took photo of us when I was trying so hard to sleep before photoshoot *cubittt* XD     For contouring and eye makeup, I got help from Gita, Iva, and Riri. Can you see that my brows are different from usual? Yes, I try to draw it thin to match the 1920's style and I'm quite satisfied with the result XD   Though I was afraid to see my face at that day :p, I am happy with the result. I was really out of my comfort zone at that day: no Korean look at all, instead it's Western look. Of course, the most important thing to achieve this look is the eye colour in my opinion. I used Ageha Lunatia Grey from Japan Softlens which I'll review later 😉   You can see the real colour of the eyeshadow. It's a combination of purple and black colour. The purple colour is from Sleek Vintage Romance palette, we're amazed at how beautiful and pigmented the color is!   With the gorgeous photographer: Gita :* So that's all for now. Will update the photos with better resolution later since some of the photos here are in smaller size. Happy Halloween all! ^^        

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. kreatif amat dhe kamu say :p
    aku aj lagi bingung mau make-up macem apa utk pesta halloween minggu dpn #telat bgt ya

    btw, thanks ..fotomu bisa menginspirasi hehehe :p

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