Makeup Collaboration: Geisha Look feat Japan Softlens

Hello everyone!
Happy Valentine’s day!
After having collaboration with my blogger friends to create Sweet Valentine look, this time I have another collaboration with Japan Softlens blogger to create Geisha look. There’s no correlation between Geisha and Valentine but we just want to post it today. Hihi..
I have to warn you first, don’t expect something that wow. Because this is my first time doing fantasy makeup and I’m not good at this. Jinjja >.< :'( It's my first time using white foundation and it's so hard to make it even. :s Maybe the best option is to use face painting but I don't have one. Actually I want to make my brow as thin as possible but it's hard to do like that since my brow hair is still visible. I tried to make it as close as possible to classic geisha look but in the end I still line my eye like that XD For the lips, I tried to make kind of heart shape in the middle part of the lips. XD I always want to try this lips style and finally I could do it for this look. And I think it looks super cool. It suppose to look more red, but because the base is already white and then I add red lipstick, the colour becomes kinda pinky. I was tired of applying it again and again so I just gave up and that is the final look. Hahhaha.  And I don't have kimono so I just used fabric that I have. Very unprepared ._. So that's all. I think the main point is white face and red lips. Oh and the hair! I'm not good at hairstyling so I just tie my hair hehehhee.. You can check my friends' geisha style to see better hairstyle and makeup than mine X'D Instagram & Blog: @rinicesillia - @febrinaadiputra - @marshablushoff - @falaqienila - @cherylraissa - @sasyachi - @reeeeezki - @ri_ri_riyanti - @sannylie - @waceqaqaq - @japansoftlens

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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