Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks Review

Today I will give review of Japanese makeup product from Heavy Rotation. It’s their Creamy Cheeks 😀
As usual, Japanese drugstore makeup products are always stored in the plastic container. I don’t understand anything on the packaging, except for Heavy Rotation, Milky Texture and 02 hahaha XD
There are 3 colors available: No 1 Baby Pink, No 2 Cutey Pink, and No 3 Peach Pink. I don’t want something too light that won’t show up on my face nor something that will makes me look like a clown, so I just choose the safest option which is no. 2.
– Tints the cheeks with a ripple of color
– Good coloration achieved with only one stroke
– Lasts longer than powder blush
– It moisturized the skin while keeping it smooth
Size: 7g
Made in Japan
The packaging is very simple. It’s in tube shape, dominated with black colour with a line of pink colour, matching the blush colour itself.
I think the size of the hole which the product will come out from is perfect. It’s neither too big nor too small, since we just need small amount for our cheeks 😉
Cutey Pink is a kind of strawberry milk colour, the colour might be too light for dark-skinned people because for me I think the colour is too light too >.< But if you want to achieve dolly or cute look, this colour is the right choice.   This blush is indeed creamy, just like its name and it's really really pigmented. I just apply 3 or 4 small dots on my cheek and the colour is still too pigmented on my cheeks. What do I do then? I apply BB Cushion on top of it to make it look more natural heheheh :3   This blush stays all day on me and the medium size makes it easier for me to take it everywhere.    - creamy - very pigmented - stays all day - the colour is perfect for dolly look - easy to blend   none     This blush really meets my expectation for a cream blush! As expected, Japanese drugstore brand mostly have good quality ^^         You can get this Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks from: Sakura Blossom Shop BBM: 29E84FEF WA: 08563438846 Line: nadiah_izzah IG: sakurablossomshop      

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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