Hello guys! Today I want to share with you my review of Heimish products that I got from Stylekorean, I guess you have seen them on my haul post and on my Instagram feed right hehehe.. I’m so curious with this brand since I saw Meejmuse used them on her video, so happy that finally I could try them. 
Heimish is a relatively new Korean cosmetics brand, launched in early 2016. Heimish focuses on individual’s uniqueness and beauty. Makeup that lets YOU stand out, not the makeup itself. Now I have the Dailism Browcara, Dailism Eye Palette and Mineral Rich Lipstick. Let’s see them one by one!   
1. Heimish Dailism Eye Palette #Lovesome Brink
This is the reason why I want to try Heimish so badly. Hehehe.. I choose #Lovesome Brink as it is selected on Get It Beauty programme.    
Price: $29.91
Size: 7.5g
The packaging is just so wow. It is black matte so maybe it can get dirty easily but I don’t know why, the shape and the overall design just make me want to look at it over and over again. When you open it, you can see 8 pans of eyeshadow, rose-gold brush and a mirror. Love love!    
Not to mention the rose gold color brush! 
The pigmentation varies from one color to another, but mostly they are pigmented enough. They are not powdery so not much fall-out during application which is a good point.
Basically Lovesome Brink contains many pink colors and brown. Let’s see the swatch below: 
– Egg Tart: Matte white color
– Macaroon: Matte pink color
 – Brownie: Medium brown color with shimmer
– Granita: Bronze color with glitter, this one is my favorite!
– Mont Blanc: Matte pink color, softer than the first one
– Lollipop: Pink with white shimmer
– Meringue: White with glitter
– Chocolate: Dark brown color with shimmer
When I chose this palette, I was thinking to have variation of color other than only brown colors. But the pink color looks similar to each other in this palette hahaha.. So yeah, I think I should have pick #Coral color.
But anyway the quality is pretty good, not much fallout while using the eyeshadow, the pigmentation is decent but I believe that it can be better. 
2. Heimish Dailism Brow Cara #Gray Brown
Recently I really like to try out new brow products, don’t know why haha.. That’s why  I prefer to try this browcara than the eyeliner. There are 3 color choices: light brown, gray brown and dark brown. I choose gray brown since I’m thinking to have ash color hair.    
Price: $10.28
Size: 6ml
The packaging just caught me. It’s nothing girly but definitely looks cool on your Instagram feed with its chic concept. 
I should say that this browcara works great on its own! If you already have thick eyebrow and mainly just want to match your brow color with your hair color then you only need to use this. However if you need more shaping, example like creating the outline, you can use brow pencil first then fill it using the browcara. It is easy to use, all you need to do is just brush it along your brow hair. Hehehe.. And it dries fast, just like what they claimed!
The grey brown color is very natural, you can definitely see the gray hues there but it’s still consider as brown color for me. It still matches my current hair color nicely but will be better with ash hair color I think.      
In the photo above, I used the browcara and #Lovesome Brink palette. I use Lollipop all over my lids and top it with Granita. On the area near browbone, I use Brownie and blend it. At the outer v-part, I use Chocolate and blend it. On the inner corner of eyes, I use Meringue. ^^
Afterall I really like using this Dailism Browcara and I’ve been using it regularly since I opened it weeks ag
o! Hope they will expand the color choices so everybody can find the color that match their hair color perfectly. 😉    
3. Heimish Dailism Mineral Rich Lipstick #MCR02 Lovely Day
Price: $16.82
Size: 3g
The last one I will review in this post is the lipstick. I just love the box and the packaging! I like the glossy material of the black tube and the magnetic cap. I like the sound of the cap because of the magnetic pressure when you close the cap hihi..    
There are two types of lipstick as far as I known and judging from the appearance, I think Mineral Rich Lipstick is the matte finish one so I grab it. Obsessed with matte finish nowadays as you can see hehe..    
MCR02 Lovely Day is a pretty coral pink color which is my favorite color! I’m glad that I pick the right shade, knowing that I will use this kind of color a lot, especially when I want to have just a natural look makeup look hihi.. 
The lipstick is creamy enough with great pigmentation. I think that the finish can be shiny or matte depending on how you a
pply it. If you apply it like usual, you will have shiny finish. I see that the finish will be patchy sometimes when the lip condition is not good enough. So I started to apply by tapping and it turns out good! The finish is matte and the color looks even on my lips as you can see from swatch above. The color stays long, even after eating and drinking hihi.. Though not as vibrant as the first time I applied it, but I can definitely see the color on my lips. 
I love Heimish Mineral Rich Lipstick and would love to try out other colors as well!   
In this photo, I’m using all of the products mentioned above. :3
So that’s all for my Heimish review today. I think my overall impression toward this brand is good: good design and good quality. I would love to try out more Heimish products in the future, in fact I still have two products for  review that I got from Cosmobeaute event on Jakarta last time I visited Heimish x Stylekorean counter. So please wait for it okay!

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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