I always use double cleansing method to remove makeup at the end of the day and clean my face. Opps, there is an exception when I use Maxmini Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam that  was sent to me by BNT News (read it here: Maxmini Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam Review). I already have my holy grail cleansing product that I have used for two years now but I think it’s okay to try something new sometimes, I can always switch back to my HG if the new product doesn’t really work for me. Today I will introduce you to Lafine Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream, which is made from 5 different vegetable: cucumber, carrot, water cress, tomato and parsley.   
The packaging is quite bulky, consisting of 350gr products which will last for quite a long time. It screams vegetable, judging from the green colors and vegetable illustration on the jar and box. It is not practical to bring along travelling but you can always store it to smaller jar, don’t forget to bring the spatula though! Hygience is important right, especially it’s the product to clean your face. 🙂  
Apply a generous amount of Lafine Deep Vegetable Cleansing Cream on your face and massage it until it’s red and green vegetable granules start melting. When your makeup blends in with the cream, then gently remove the cream with a soft facial tissue and wash off the remaining with a vegetable foam cleanser. 
As you can see from photos above, the cream is mainly white color with red and green beads, it is supossed to be melted when you massage your face and it will turn into milky color. The cream smells like vegetable, I notice the scent of cucumber, so refreshing and it reminds me of my detox juice LOL.   
I have tried cleansing cream before but I don’t really like the after-feeling, you know that sticky and oily feeling. That is the main reason why I stop using cleansing cream haha..
First of all, I remove my eye makeup using eye & lip remover then continue with this cleansing cream. I massage my face happily because like I said before, the cucumber scent is just too refreshing after such long tiring day! Then I remove it using tissue before doing the next cleansing step using cleansing foam. It removes my makeup without trace and suprisingly leaving no greasy feeling at all! Wow.. Afterwards my face feel clean and moisturized.
Well, I should say that Lafine Deep Vegetable Cleansing Cream performs its job really well in removing makeup and leaving no greasy feeling behind. Yeay! It breaks my dislikement toward cleansing cream hahaha.. Definitely worth to try because it suits any skin type. 😀 
These products were sent to me for review purpose. Nevertheless the review is made based on my honest opinion after using the products
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Written by virgo

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