Heynature Intense Color Lipstick Review

Have you ever heard about Heynature? I found out about this brand when browsing through Instagram. 
Heynature is one of cosmetic brand from South Korea that combining authentic oriental ingredients and advanced dermatological formula.
H – Health
Through the process of distillation to develop products with ingredients that are sensitive- and irritation-free, the products received numerous certifications from the Korean government that guarantees their effectiveness in maintaining healthy skin.
E – Energy
Heynature uses the finest herbal ingredients to develop products that cultivate and energize skin from inside out.
Y – Youth
Various skincare products received Function Certification in Wrinkle Improvement from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), which guarantee their effectiveness in maintaining skin vitality.
Based on natural oriental formula, the products do not contain artificial pigments, artificial fragrance, and alcohol. Various tests were performed prior to product release to ensure quality and safety for the customers.
(source: Heynature)
I have several products to be reviewed but this time I will review Intense Color Lipstick first. 🙂
Intense Color Lipstick comes in an elegant colour box.
I’m happy that the English description is so clear and detailed.
Expired date printed at the bottom of the box.
The lipstick tube is from glossy material, looks very classic, isn’t it. 
There are 6 colours in total:
21 Azalea
23 Cherry
26 Pinky
27 Scarlet
29 Crimson
31 Apricot
Since I want to try to like orange colour for my lips, I decided to try no. 31 Apricot. 🙂
As you can see, the colour is real orange colour, not too soft and not too bright.
The pigmentation is great while still giving moisture to my lips. 
It gives nice finish to my lips, no weird scent as far as I can remember. 
The staying power is normal, it will fade away after eating or drinking. Hehehe..
This lipstick has all the good quality of lipstick that I would ask for: great pigmentation, moisturize, u
nscented. However I’m still not used to the orange colour.  I think that I will stick to pink colour XD
For more information about Heynature, you can visit:
Instagram: heynatureindonesia
BBM: 74821762
Whatsapp: 087775257119
Line: inhan.nick

What do you think?

Written by virgo


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  1. Wow, the texture on your lip looks amazing! I love how smooth and creamy and even it looks despite this creamy pale color! I'd never wear this color but it looks great on your pale skin!

  2. This brand sounds amazing! I'm really interested in it, their whole purpose is awesome. The color you picked is really lovely and it looks great on you! On me however, it would look atrocious haha I'm not really suited for orange shades

  3. tumben ci pake lipstick warna orange,tapi cocok kok mirip yoo in na ^^
    aku udah tau brand ini beberapa hari yang lalu,brand ini muncul di drama triangle wktu siwan memberikan hadiah kosmetik ke jiyeon dan aku iseng pause buat liat itu merek apa. dan.. mereknya heynature. aku baru tau ternyata ada merek ini. haha

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