Holika Holika Dark Circle Stealer Triple Eye Cream Review

I got a serious problem of dark circle. It really annoys me, I think I look like a ghost with this dark circle under my eyes -_-. That’s why I was looking for eye cream that can brighten the dark circle and my choice fell to this eye cream from Holika Holika: Dark Circle Stealer Triple Eye Cream.
The box is written in Hangeul, except for the product name.. I don’t understand it but I just put the pic here, in case you can read it. 🙂
Holika Holika Dark Circle Stealer Triple Eye Cream 20ml
Contain FDA-certified ingredients arbutin and adenosine to brighten up dark eye circles and reduce wrinkles around the eyes. 
Hyaluronic Acid moisturise and enhance skin elasticity. Suitable for sensitive skin.
The jar is in black glossy material, the design is simple and there is no instruction on how to use it. 
The cream is in soft pink, almost white colour. The smell is pleasant, I think it smells like one of Pond’s product, the smell is not new for me. The cream is thick but absorbed pretty fast and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling on dark circle areas. I apply it using my middle finger, just tap tap it in a circular motion. I know it’s better to use ring finger because it’s the weakest finger so it won’t create new lines. But i’m used to use middle finger ._. I can feel the cooling effect soon after I apply it and my tired eyes feel refreshed (^0^)/ It also moisturise my eyes area, no more dryness when I touch it. But the sad point is I don’t see any differences with my dark circle, it doesn’t brighten up. 🙁 I have used it for about more than three months regularly every night. Maybe I should be more patient and wait till I finish it up, maybe finally it will brighten up a bit later.
What I like:
 The cooling effect refresh my eyes
 The smell is nice
 Moisturise my eyes
What I dislike:
 Doesn’t brighten up my dark circles area 🙁
I don’t think I will repurchase it. Maybe I will try Skin Food Salmon Eye Cream after I finish this up. 🙂

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. aw..aku juga rempong nih sama dark circle sekarang makin merajalela gr2 jarang tidur, dulu aku rajin tiap malam pake cucumber eye mask(home made) lumayan juga, sekarang udah males kembali lagi begini.. ><

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