Lioele Dollish Ink Eyeliner Strong Black Review

Never get enough of eyeliner.. I always wanna try various eyeliner from various brands and this time my choice fell to Lioele Dollish Ink Eye Liner #1 Strong Black. Personally I prefer gel eyeliner to liquid eyeliner because it’s easier to use, but hey sometimes I also get bored with gel eyeliner so I need to have different type of eyeliner to suit my mood :p
Lioele never disappoint me with its packaging. The colour of the box is just perfect, the combination of glossy black and hot pink, somehow it looks expensive. I really like that heart symbol in dollish word, and of course the Lioele logo too. And the box is not in square shape but in triangle shape, so unique, right? 😀
Top of the box:
Dollish Ink Eyeliner
Bottom of the box:
I think that is the expiry month.
All in Hangeul ._.
Thanx God the other side of the box has English written on it and the explanation is really detail, they also include the ingredients there 🙂
To open the box, you have to peel off that sticker. Hahaha.. Mine is a lil bit messy, sorry :p
Lioele Dollish Ink Eyeliner (Strong Black and Soft Brown)
Size: 1.2g
Lioele Dollish Ink Eyeliner is a 24 hour eyeliner water and smudge-proof formula that delivers effortless and precise application with its revolutionary microfiber brush tip. This quick-drying formula helps create subtle to dramatic looks. 
Directions: Shake liner a few times before use. Apply with enclosed micro-fiber brush to ensure precise application. Close cap tightly after each usage. Removes easily by massaging the area with your fingertips and warm water. For best result, powder eye area prior to application. 
Benefits: waterproof, long lasting, smudge-proof, microfiber brush tip, quick drying.
The bottle is like cone shape, with black color dominate the bottle and the name is printed in metallic hot pink colour. :3
The bottle cap is quite long so it’s more comfortable to held.
And this is the micro fiber brush tip. The brush is good, it’s easy to draw thin line using it. 
Swatches on my hand
I apply too much on the left side so it still haven’t completely dried when I took this photo. The colour is really intense black, love it ♥
After it is completely dried, I place my hand under running water and tried to rub it but nothing happen. It’s still the same as before. 😀
I like to use this eyeliner to create thin line on my eyes. The brush makes it easy to apply it and the colour is really intense, that’s what I love from liquid eyeliner 😀 But I don’t think that it dries quickly like what it claimed to be so if you have double eyelid, you have to wait until it dry completely first before you open your eyes. And it is cracked after I used it for around 5 or 6 hours. -_- It makes my eyes look no good, with some part of the eyeliner disappear.. 
What I like:
 Intense black colour
 Micro fiber brush that can easily draw thin line
 Smudgeproof and waterproof
What I dislike:
 Have to wait for a few seconds until it is completely dried or else it will smear everywhere
 It will cracked after a few hours
I always love Lioele’s products that I have tried but this eyeliner kinda disappoint me. I will not repurchase it and I don’t know when will I finish it up. I will stick to gel eyeliner cause it’s easier to use and won’t cracked as what this eyeliner do. Meanwhile I will search for other liquid eyeliner that hopefully will meet my expectation. 🙂

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. cee coba deh yang lioele eyeliner gel ya kalo gak salah? yang di pot, ada brushnya yang udah attached di tutupnya, kayanya bagus itu >.< where did you get this one? susahnya cari yg jual lioele! ;__;

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