Holika Holika Honey Bouquet Lips Review

Hi Girls!
I’m back with another lip product review, I hope you don’t mind ._.
Recently, I’m not using lip gloss too much. I used to like lip gloss better than lipstick. Maybe that saying is true that as one woman get more mature, she will like lipstick more. Isn’t there any saying like that? XD
This product had been on my wishlist for such a long time, more than 6 months and finally I bought two colours. Oh and the product name is Holika Holika Honey Bouquet Lips ^^
The box is really really pretty, dominated with pink colors and flowers.
I bought two colours: 01 Sakura Pink and 06 Ylang Ylang Peach.
Descriptions (taken from
Holika Holika Honey Bouquet Lips nourishes lips with its rich honey like formula and comes in velvety petal like colours. Royal jelly extracts supply lips with nutrients and vitamin to help soothe and soften rough lips. It also provides a sweet honey scent. Create beautiful pigmented and glossy lips with just a few strokes of a wand.
There are 8 colours available: Sakura Pink, Rose Pink, Camellia Pink, Tulip Orange, Daisy Coral, Ylang Ylang Peach, Calla Pink, and Apricot Beige.
Size: 5.2g
The packaging looks just like other lipgloss out there. The tube is transparent so you can directly see the colour inside. ^^
But what makes the packaging looks so cute to me is the ribbon on the cap. And it’s in soft pink colour. Kyaaaa… XD
The applicator is a straight sponge applicator. 
Swatches on my hand:
-with flash-
From flash picture, you notice that this lip gloss have shimmer but it is barely noticeable once applied on lips. I never noticed it actually contains shimmer until I saw this pic :p
Swatch on my lips:
-with flash-
I think their colours look almost the same. ._. Maybe because both colours I chose are so soft that in the end they look almost the same. Hahhaa.. So if you want to buy several colour from this lip gloss, I suggest you to choose brighter shade, as it may be more pigmented too.
I’m not disappointed buying these colours though. I use Sakura Pink on top of my pink lipstick and Ylang Ylang Peach on top of my coral lipstick. Actually, Ylang Ylang Peach combines with Heartful Moisture Lipstick CR301 looks very pretty.
I used them on my photoshoot session that I’ve posted here
They smell so good! They have same scent, it’s a sweet scent. I don’t know what scent it is, but from description above, maybe it’s a royal honey scent 😉
These lipgloss give a milky glossy finish, not a shiny, bling bling one. If you want a shiny bling bling finish, you may try the new Honey Bouquet Lips Shine Gloss version ^^
What I like:
 pretty packaging
 moisturized my lips
 nice scent
 affordable price with quite huge amount
 milky glossy finish
What I dislike:
 the colour look almost the same
I still have one lipgloss on my collection that I haven’t touched. Maybe I won’t buy any lipgloss anymore in the future, just hope that no brand will launch too cute lipgloss in the future 😛
Thank you for reading and see you on my next post ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Ahhhh I love this lipgloss line so much!!!! Love no 6 haha wanted to get it but then someone told me my lips should be more bright since I use nude so much haha but seeing your swatch pics makes me want them again xD you look so pretty on the photoshoot I love the combined color as well. Thank you for the review ^^


  2. Oo, I've really wanted to try these glosses as well! (The packaging is super adorable) I really like sakura pink on your lips, it's such a pretty shade on you (well, so does the peachy one!)

    Thank you very much for the honest review , hehe. ^_^

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