Holika Holika Pro Beauty Tinted Rouge Review

You know that I’m a fans of Holika Holika products, right? I mean their products never disappoint me, except for the dark stealer eye cream, but it’s okay since it’s an eye cream, hard to see the result in an instant.
When I saw that they also launched lip tint that similar to Etude House Shine Color Pop Tint, with so pro looking and beautiful color, you know what happened next right? XD The colour I bought were PP701 Bunny Pink and CR302 Baby Coral.
The box is in black colour with checkered pattern :3
There are 10 colours to choose, from red to orange ^^
The tube is in black colour, the checkered pattern is transparent so the colour in the checkered pattern is the same as the tint colour 😀 I like how the packaging is simple but still attractive.
The applicator is pointed at the end, just like lip gloss applicator and it makes us easier to make gradation lips (theoretically or based on experience with similar wand from other lip product).
-left: without flash, right: with flash-
-above: after application, bottom: after dried-
Why did I say “theoretically bla bla bla”? Because to be honest, it’s hard to apply because of the texture of this lip tint. The texture is too watery, and the colour is hardly noticeable when you just apply it. It makes me apply it again and again because I can’t see the colour on my lips. Actually the colour shows up after few seconds but I think the process is too long, moreover if I want to make a gradation effect. 😐
And what’s more annoying is the scent. It smells like rose perfume! Seriously it smells so bad that I can’t tolerate it, and it feels worst after I licked it. Not that I have intention to lick it, but the scent and the taste just transfer to my tongue, if you know what I mean. And the scent lasts for quite a long time, I wouldn’t mind if it smells nice, but this?? I really don’t like it 🙁
Aside from that, the colour looks alike with what shown on the advertising picture. The glossy effect stays longer than Etude House Colour Pop Shine Tint but still as a tint, it doesn’t stay that long on my lips. I have to reapply it after eating something, but because I can’t tolerate the scent, I never reapply it 😐
What I like:
 the checkered pattern looks nice
 the colour is the same with advertorial picture
What I dislike:
 really annoying scent
 the texture is too watery
 hard to see the colour right after application
I rarely give such a low score to one product but this lip tint really disappoint me 🙁
And it’s more expensive, it’s retailed at 9.900 won, while Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint is only retailed at 8.500 won ( ̄へ ̄)
Have you tried it before or do you have any intention to try it?
Thank you and have a nice day!

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Meep, thanks for the honest review (as always), ! I'm a huge, huge fan of Holika Holika (one of the first Korean makeup brands I tried LOL). But meh… the scent sounds so icky! I don't mind watery textures, but the scent itself would just put me off. :[ meh!~ I tried lip crayons recently though, and they've been much better for me to use than tints. ^-^

  2. Thank you so much for such a detailed and honest review hehe~ I've been looking for a good lip tint for a while and this one was on my list, but now I can narrow it down^-^ It's a shame though because the colours look so nice! x

    I'm a new follower by the way, I really love your blog and your makeup tutorials are awesome^-^ I'd appreciate it a lot if you have time to stop by my blog sometime(: x

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