Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint in Pink Review

Do you know about Etude House new lip tint? There are two types if I’m not mistaken: Dear Darling Lip Tint and Dear Darling Neon Tint. I’m not interested when I saw Dear Darling Tint colour, it’s in orange and red. But I’m interested in Dear Darling Neon Tint because the colour is more cheerful (for me :p) and ‘neon’ reminds me of ‘Jagoan Neon’ (?) LOL XP So I decided to try this neon tint in No. 2 Neon Pink :3
Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint: Vivid Neon colors that stain long long time on your lips. Gel type texture make lips moist and colorful.
Apply on the lips with a tip.
I took all these photos under natural sunlight. But yeahh the lip tint color in the packaging looks different with the pic above. Actually the pic above shows the exact color than this one but since I’m too lazy to take another photos, so just use these ones, okay? 😉 And I think the color here looks the same with my Dear Darling Milky Gloss :p
No 2 Neon Pink with the manufacture date in red color if you can see it.
Dear My Milky Gloss + Dear Darling Neon Tint.
How lighting can change the color yaa. Here the gloss looks orange while the tint looks peachy. ._.
You can see that the cap color is different between those two. Dear Darling Neon Tint has a pinky cap while Dear Darling Milky Gloss has a purple cap (it’s hard for me to tell what color exactly the cap is, I think it  looks like purple :p) 
The wand applicator. 
bare lips.
dot lip tint at inner part of my lips.
the result.
As you can see from ‘the result’ pic, when I have spread the tint, it doesn’t look that scary anymore. I mean I can’t stand that shocking pink colour on my lips and I’m afraid that the colour on my lips will look exactly like that. But fortunately it doesn’t appear to be like that. It gives me natural pink lips look. My lips looks healthier and makes my overall look not that pale like a sick person 😀
I forgot to swatch the lip tint on my hand, I will update this post with swatch on my hand later 🙂
But actually it looks the same with the color on the packaging, so shocking pink. And for me, it doesn’t look like gel type texture, but it’s highly liquid so you have to dot it carefully to not apply it to much on your lips. It has the strong scent of blueberry but will son fade away a few seconds after you apply it. As when I taste it (:p), I think it will taste bitter. But no, it doesn’t taste like that. I can’t taste anything 😐 Just the scent of blueberry 🙂
What I like:
Gives a natural healthy pink color to my lips
Nice scent
Girly packaging
Doesn’t make my lips dry, not moisturizing though
What I dislike:
The staying formula isn’t as what I expected. It’s gone after I eat and drink. 😐
Too watery.
Rating: 3 out of 5. 
So I’m not satisfied of this lip tint. Maybe I will try Tony Moly lip tint later. Actually I’m not a lip tint mania, I prefer lip gloss or lip balm so let’s see if I will purchase other lip tint or not later :p

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Such a great review dear, thanks for sharing 🙂 Mind to follow each other? ^^

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  2. thanks for the review ya.btw bagusan mana ya antara yg ini sama dear my blooming or204? lagi pengen salah satunya tapi bingung milih yg mana hehehe

  3. hmm klo aku lebi suka ini yaa.. kliatan lebi natural.. klo lipstik tahu lah ya, klo bibir kering jd kliatan bgt dan dia susah apply k bibir, agak kering menurutku si OR204. bagusan ini sih kyny krn kita bs ngatur tingkat terang d bibir kita mau gmn, plus lebi tahan lama 😀

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