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IBB Make Up Challenge March 2014: Natural Glow

It’s been a long time since I joined IBB MUC, more than 1 year ago xD Since this month’s MUC really suits my makeup style which is natural glow, I decided to join. ^^
This MUC terms and prizes are a bit different from other MUCs that were already done, it’s for celebrating IBB’s birthday, hence the prize is more spectacular, sponsored by Menard Indonesia.
Without further ado, let’s see my look starting from the first one:
First Look
This is the most natural look I created, suitable to be called as ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look. Of course the emphasize is on the glowing face. It’s so natural that you can use it even to campus or work. Just draw the eyeliner very subtle and not lengthen it at end of eye. I don’t use mascara or eyeshadow at all hhehehe.. Just CC Cream, CC Balm, Concealer, Face Glow, Eyebrow Crayon, Eyeliner, and Lipstick. I used one of my favourite lipstick: Peripera My Color Lips #20, the nude colour is just perfect for me. 😀
Second Look
I called it as ‘Uljjang Look’ since it focuses on glowing skin, big round eyes and gradient lips. 🙂
Third Look
Honestly I don’t know what should I call this look. It still focusing on glowing skin but with my signature eyeliner style. I like this style of eyeline very much hihi 😀
My version of  natural glow makeup is first our face must be flawless. You are so lucky if you’re face has minimal acne scar or redness. Thankfully for me, I can achieve the flawless face with makeup hehehe 🙂
Some foundation or BB Cream already have glowing effect so by just using that product, you will get instant glow. 😉 But you can also add the glow to some part of your face by using highlighter or volumer or face glow. ^^
I think that’s all for this make up challenge. Wish me good luck and for those who participated, good luck too! 😀

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. cece aku sayaaang X-D akhirnya aku nyampe juga kesini setelah jalan2 kemana2 ._. kalau link blog cece sih ak udh hapal mati jd ga akan lupa jalan apalagi nyasar kl mau kesini haha X-D

    aku suka banget look yang pertama, Ceeeee <3333 soalnya klihatan effortlessly beautiful ditambah skin yang kelihatan kenyal dan sehat, dan tentu aja light skin nyaaa *0*

    aku ikut jg disemangatin cece, tp masih rame2in aja lah jatohnya soalnya masi newbie banget kan lol! good luck ya cecee :*

    ps: coba kmrn pas kita ketemu cece pake ombre pink nya aaakkk pengsan akuuu so kawaiii hahahha

  2. I knew you'd join ^^ the first time I saw the theme I was like it's so ^^ haha your dewy makeup is always so flawless teach me your way! Haha you don't look like you have scars or any blemishes with the makeup 😀 hope you'll win 😀

  3. hahaha cape ga jalan2nya? :p
    cieee terharu aku :')

    hahahhaa light skin nya kan efek cahaya aja T.T
    ga lah, ga ada yang namanya newbie atau apa.. smuanya sama aja kok 😀
    good luck :* :*

    berat mei klo dibawa k hk wkwkwk, koper kan mau diisi barang belanjaan :p

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