After posting about Innisfree Long Wear Cushion and Glow Tint Stick, today I want to introduce you to another product of Innisfree that excites me so much!
Starting from summer last year, Innisfree introduced their “Jeju Color Picker” Collection that picked Gimnyeong Beach as inspiration. It fits perfectly for summer with blue colors. (Read: Innisfree Summer 2015 Glow Liquid Shadow and Auto Pencil Liner Review).
And this year for fall, they pick Sangumburi Crater which is rich in fall colors, featuring the warm sunsets reds and oranges, neutral beige from thatched grass fields to the browns of their ponies! I scream in my heart when seeing this collection, knowing that the color ranges is something more into my liking than the previous collection. I wanted to pick all products available in this collection but hold myself and just pick the eyeshadow palette and lipstick. In this post, I will review about the eyeshadow palette first.
Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Shadow Kit consists of two choice: the first one with more neutral brown colors while the second one with more red tone. No doubt I choose the second since the shades look super pretty!
There is also a difference on the palette design between those two choices. Both of them look gorgeous but personally I really love the orange and red tone on the second palette cardbox designs! They scream sunset for me. Hihi..
While the palette case itself is in cream color with illustrations of goat, horse, and grass. I think horse is like the symbol of Jeju, back then I also purchase horse keyholder in Jeju Airport which looks super cute. My Chinese zodiac is Horse and so I have special fondness with horse. :p
Once you open the case, you will see the mirror, five eyeshadow colors, eye brush and the plastic lid with Korean name printed on it.
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Just look at those colors, they are calling my name…. XD
Well I haven’t tried the dual-ended eye brush yet. Honestly I rarely use the eyebrush provided on eyeshadow palette except it’s urgent, I like to keep it clean hehehe..
From left to right:
나른한 멩지바람 – matte nude color
일렁이는 금빛억새 – glittery peach beige color
톡 터진 노을 한 모금 – shimmery orange red color
오름 품은 저녁놀 – shimmery burgundy color
놀멍놀멍 조랑말 – deep brown color
The colors have great pigmentation, except the lightest shade which is the #1 shade. It serves like an eyeshadow base for me, since the color resembles my skin color. Aside from it, all others have great pigmentation. I’m quite surprised since the quality is so good, just like the single eyeshadow.
No. 3 톡 터진 노을 한 모금 is a such unique color, you can see it as orange but sometimes it looks like red too. XD 
In this animated gift, I try to use all colors from this palette. No. 1 as base color, then top it with #3 on the lids area. No. 4 at the crease area and no. 5 at the outer end of the eye. Highlight inner corner of the eyes using no. 2. 🙂
Overall, I really love this palette, starting from the design, the color choices and the quality of the eyeshadow is really daebak! I hope that Innisfree will keep releasing different theme from the Jeju Color Picker series. ^^
So have you tried anything from this series? Let me know what you think about it. 🙂

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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