Hi All.. As you may have probably knew, I’m a cushion makeup fans ever since it is introduced. Hehe that’s why I always want to try any cushion makeup from any brands. On my previous post about how to shopping at Innisfree World Global website, I purchased their Long Wear Cushion and a Kra-bag pouch. It’s funny how I have tried many of Innisfree’s color makeup but haven’t tried out the cushion so this time, I think it’s time for me to try it.     
Moreover Innisfree has launched new version of their cushion with smaller size and so many design and color to choose for the case. Too bad the selections on their global website is limited, I wish they have all the 100 designs available to choose. I almost bought the other one which is water fit since the design is much more to my liking but in the end, I hold myself and grab the long wear one since it suits me more but I don’t like the case. Oh well, I can just another case later *looking at the F/W 2016 collections which are gorgeous* in burgundy color.
Innisfree Long Wear Cushion has two shades to choose: 21 Natural Beige and 23 True Beige. Since I always use Natural Beige Color, I opted for no. 21 this time, just hope that it’s not too fair for my face haha..    
1. Perfect fitting & smooth coverage:
The coverage and fitting complex™ helps foundation fit perfectly onto your skin, making your skin look smooth and flawless.
2. Jeju volcanic cluster powder for long-lasting brilliant skin:
The Jeju volcanic cluster powder controls superfluous sebum for long-lasting makeup without darkening.
3. A long-lasting moisturizing effect:
Real Jeju green tea offers moisture to your skin    
As I already mentioned above about the packaging, it’s definitely more compact to other cushions that I own. It’s definitely not bulky and will fit to your small bag. That’s why for the new cushion, you can not refill it with the previous edition cushion and vice versa, you can not add the refill to your previous case too. 
One thing I recognize from Innisfree base makeup that I have already tried is their similarity in terms of scent. They have that kind of herbal scent, which sadly is not to my liking. >.< I can still use it though but just not comfortable with the scent.    Shade 21 Natural Beige is too white for me I should say but still okay. I'm afraid that True Beige will be too dark for me but maybe I should have picked it from the beginning.  The coverage provided is low to medium. It can not really conceal my acne spot, just make it less visible so I still need to use concealer. The finish result is semi-matte and it really stays all day long without making my face look cakey! It really does its job to stay long during the always-hot weather in Indonesia. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion is really suitable for oily and oily combination skin type. It stays all day without making your face look cakey. My friend who has oily skin type really love this cushion hhhee.. The only downside for me is the fragrance. Not really important but maybe you can take into account when you want to try this cushion.   I have promo code for you to receive free 5 it's real squeeze mask sheets when shopping at Innisfree World Global Website. 😀 The promo code is RINI5. How to use: 1. Insert the promo cade in the referral code box when sign in 2. Enter the same code in free sample code box (in the step I told you above). Note: 1. The promo code is valid until November 11, 2016 2. You can use it along with 15% off new member code. 3. The promo code can be used with over 40USD purchase.  

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Written by virgo

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