Korean Cosmetics

Started from few months ago, i found myself craving for Korean cosmetics.. haha 😀
the first brand I knew is Etude House. I saw the shop at Mall Taman Anggrek 2 years ago and I said “OMG.. It’s so cute >.<" The shop is so girly, it really makes you feel like a princess.. But the price is a little bit expensive for me so I just look around at the shop.   When I went to Malaysia last August, I went to Gurney in Penang and found Sasa shop there. I bought Pupa lip gloss and Cyber Colors lip balm there. My lip is going dry easily so I thought I need lip balm, since Oriflame lip balm doesn't suit me well.    And when I took alook at the shop, I found so many girly cosmetics and skin care that I never seen before >.< Most of the cute products are Japanese products and I couldn't read the name --" What attracted me the most is the product with peach shape, so cute. The sale girl told me that it is a peeling gel, and it smell nice too but I forgot to ask the brand at that time.. -_-   After long searching at the internet, finally I found out that the brand is BAVIPHAT ! haha.. 😀 The packaging of its products are cute also, some fruity packaging like peach, apple, grape, and I don't know if paprika is a fruit or vegetable but there is also paprika packaging.. 😀 Now I know more about Korean cosmetic brands : Etude House, Skin Food, Missha, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Baviphat, Nature Republic, Beauty Credit, Lioele, and Holika Holika. The last brand : Holika Holika, I'm quite surprised that CN Blue is their model! haha 😀 I start loving CN Blue, their musics are awesome! 😀

What do you think?

Written by Julliana Elora

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