K-Drama Favourite: That Winter The Wind Blows (그 겨울, 바람이 분다)

Anyeong chingu! This time I want to post something that is not related with beauty, well, this is a Kdrama that recently I watched and has won my heart, even beat Iris 2 that I have loved so far 😀 Because I really really really love this drama, I want to share it with you ^^
That Winter, The Wind Blows started airing on February 13, 2013. I like watching Kdrama that is still airing and I knew this drama when it’s airing, and excited because of Song Hye Kyo starring this drama. 
But I’m not interested with the promotional poster above, I think that Song Hye Kyo looks so old there and it just doesn’t look like her. So yeah, I keep watching Iris 2 and Level 7 Civil Servant, but got bored on Level 7 on episode 7, so I just watched Iris 2 until week ago. 
Then my kdrama-lover friends asked about the newest episode of this drama and I said that I haven’t watched it at all, they told me to watched it a.s.a.p because the story is really good. I was just like: really? And still not interested, because of Iris 2 xD
But last Friday I started to watch this drama AND i can’t stop watching it ever since! OMG.. At the first episode, I was amazed by how beautiful Song Hye Kyo (SHK) is! Her flawless face is just too pretty >.< Plus Jo In Sung (JIS)! I really don't know who is JIS actually until I watched the first episode and felt familiar with his face. Then I realized that he is the one starring at Kdrama: What Happened in Bali years ago. I tend to forget Korean actor and actress name if they don't really catch my attention.  I watched WHIB when I was in junior high school so it's tolerable lah ya to forgot his name, I just remembered Song Ji Sub. Hahaha.. 😀   Okay back to this drama, the main reason why I can't stop watching is because of SHK and JIS. They are just too perfect, I can't stop admiring their appearance and their role in that drama, seriously. I become kind of obsessed. -_-"   Actually, the story is kinda sad.  JIS as Oh Soo is an orphan that will do anything just for continue living. He became like that after his first love died and since then, he became a high-class gambler and playboy. (Yeah with that handsome face, of course he successfully plays with women's heart!) He have to pay huge amount of money that leads him to role as fake oppa for Oh Young.   SHK as Oh Young. Her parents divorced when she was 6 and she got brain tumour that also makes her blind. Since then, she can't trust anybody and keeps thinking that everyone is an enemy. Because she's from a rich family, I think that it's understandable why she become like that (You don't know who your true friend is when you're rich, either they're really sincere with you or just keep close to you just because of your money). Then she met her fake oppa and the drama become more and more interesting.   Their chemistry are so good. This drama is full of close-up scene so you can see their characters and reactions more precisely. xD   Here are some of my favourite scenes:   SHK's face is almost as white as the cotton candy >.<     For High Cut Magazine. They look so happy playing in the snow 😀   Just look like real couple, eh? <3   Most fav scene of all when they went up to mountain. Too bad that this pic is blur 🙁   It's really pretty at the top of the mountain >.<       Is it common for brother and sister to sleep like this? xD     Spring! Can't wait to see cherry blossoms (^0^)/     So do you feel interested after seeing some of the scenes? You really have to watch this drama because I think this drama will be favourite and best drama of the year. Even Running Man ep 139 has almost the same title: That Winter The Typhoon Blows. LOL!   I hope SHK and JIS can be real couple in real life, they're such eyecandy :p But if it's impossible, I hope they will work together on another drama/movie in the future. :3   By the way, I will go to Seoul this upcoming Thursday, 5 days left! After a long waiting, now it's getting closer and closer, so excited. I set the trip on April so I can see cherry blossoms and don't have to bring too much jackets and such for winter. :p I hope the weather will be warmer and everywhere fills with flowers blooming!                  

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. ciciku uda nonton ini katanya baguuuuus banget jadi pengen coba nonton 😀
    Aku masih kejebak sama school 2013 fever sih, bromance nya itu loh ga nahan XD
    Have safe trip ya ci 🙂 can't wait for your trip post hehe :3

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