Korea Trip: Makeup and Skincare Haul (July 2014)

In this post, I will share about my latest haul from Korea. (≧∇≦)
It always takes more time to write about the travel story, so I will just write down the haul first :p

I included the price and discounted price I got. But there are some items that only show the original price because I had thrown away the bill. ._. 

So, let’s start!

3 Concept Eyes
1. Square Hand Mirror #Pink
Price: ₩9,000
2. Pink Pouch
Price: ₩12,000
3. Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #8 Les Miserables
Price: ₩12,000
4. Glossing Waterful Foundation #Nude Beige
Price: ₩28,000
5. One Color Shadow #Ann
Price: ₩11,000
6. Nail Lacquer #PK18
Price: ₩4,000
7. Nail Lacquer #GN16
Price: ₩94,000
8. Lip Brush
Price: ₩10,000
9. Full Cover Concealer #002

Price: ₩17,900

10. Lip Color #607 BAAA
Price: ₩17,900
1. Mineral Lip & Eye Makeup Remover #Rose
Price: ₩2,500
2. Jelly Nail Touch #PK02 
Price: ₩3,000 
3. Triple Punch Deodorant (Free Gift) 
Price: ₩6,500
1. The Professional Eyelashes #2 Petit Volume
Price: ₩3,000
2. The Professional Eyelashes #6 Daily
Price: ₩3,000
3. The Professional Eyelashes #7 Dolly Eye
Price: ₩3,000
(Filia said that their eyelashes are good so I should give it a try :D)
4. Lip & Eye Remover
Price: ₩7,000 -> 3,500
5. Wannabe Cushion Tint Lip Concealer #Clair (love this lip concealer so much so I better grab one before it’s discontinued later)
Price: ₩8,500
6. Honey Melting Tint No S14 Pink Lemonade
Price: ₩8,000

 Clio & Peripera
(They’re having 30% sale when I was there so I was like *.* )

1. Clio Waterproof Brush Liner #Kill Brown
Price: ₩18,000 -> 12,600
2. Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow #1 Earth Brown
Price: ₩20,000 -> 14,000
3. Cli
o Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer #4 Ginger

Price: ₩16,000 -> 8,000
4. Clio Art Shadow #410 Forte Orange Brown
Price: ₩15,000 -> 10,500
5. Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips PK05 Bubble Love (I have two colour before this but don’t really like the colour so I think I will just grab this one)
Price: ₩10,000 -> 7,000
6. Peripera Nail Story PK001
Price: KRW₩3,000 -> 1,500
7. Peripera Nail Story PK003
Price: ₩3,000 -> 1,500
8. Peripera Cushion Blusher #4 Shy Pink
Price: ₩12,000

Etude House

1. Sparkling Toc!s All in One Gel
Price: ₩15,000
2. Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet Set
Price: ₩6,000
3. Ice Tint Balm PK001 Tropical Dream (newest product and the concept is nice so I just grabbed two of it)
Price: ₩6,000
4. Ice Tint Balm PP501 Blueberry Lover
Price: ₩6,000
5. Play 101 Pencil No. 9
Price: ₩6,000
6. Oh M’eye Line No 1 Black (bought this out of curiosity because Gita seems to like it very much)
Price: ₩4,000
7. Princess Eyelash #2 Volume
Price: ₩2,500
8. Eau de Parfume #Love Me Forever
Price: ₩6,000
9. Pure Espoir EDT (my favourite EDT ever! it’s my fourth purchase XD)
Price: ₩30,000
10. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill (not in the pic because I have used it ;P)
Price: ₩10,000

1. The Green Tea Deep Seed Cream
Price: ₩22,000
2. Water Glow Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ #23
Price: ₩20,000
3. Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Price: ₩12,000
4. Eco Nail Color #46
Price: ₩2,500
5. Eco Nail Color Pro #83
Price: ₩2,500
6. Eco Nail Pro #78
Price: ₩2,500
7. Eco Nail Pro #76
Price: ₩2,500 
7. Jelly Tint #3
Price: ₩6,000 -> 3,000
8. Jelly Tint #5
Price: ₩6,000 -> 3,000
9. Melting Lip Balm Deep Moisture
Price: ₩6,000
10. Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #2
Price: ₩10,000
11. Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #4
Price: ₩10,000
12. Green Tea Fresh Special Kit (Free gift)
13. Jeju Volcanic Pore Solution Kit (got this from vending machine, will talk about this later)

Holika Holika

1. Gonyak Soft Jelly in Cleansing Foam
Price: ₩7,900
2. Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow #2 Dark Brown (my HG eyebrow pencil hihi)
Price: ₩3,900
3. Cover & Hiding Liquid Concealer #2 Natural Beige
Price: ₩5,900 
4. Magic Pole Mascara 2x #3 Volume & Curl (Waterproof)
Price: ₩10,900
5. Pro: Beauty Tint Tok PK103 Romantic Spring (1+1 event so I was tempted ._. )
Price: ₩9,900
6. Pro: Beauty Tint Tok CR301 Baby Mango
Price: ₩9,900


1. BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ No 21 Natural Beige
Price: ₩37,000
2. Serum Intense Lipstick LR102 Pink Crush
Price: ₩25,000

Nature Republic

1. The First Essential Skin
Price: ₩22,000
2. California Aloe Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++
Price: ₩15,400

Olive & Young
1. DHC Vitamin (bought this just because Nana advertised it, but I hope it will really work on me XD)
2. Canmake Stay-on Rouge Balm #5 Strawberry Blossom
Price: ₩8,800 -> 7,920
3. Ryo Camellia Seed Oil Treatment for unruly and damaged hair
Price: ₩4,000


Shara Shara

1. Real Sauce Cucumber Mask 10pcs
Price: ₩10,000
2. Real Sauce Aloe Mask 10pcs
Price: ₩10,000
3. Real Sauce Golden Kiwi Fruit Mask 20pcs (my fav mask sheet ever!)
Price: ₩20,000
4. Black Source Eye Sunglass (so after trying one from my last november purchase, it is indeed good so I bought more this time, will try to review it later)
Price: ₩50,000
5. A.H.C UV Capture Sebum Control Sun Cream
Price: ₩49,000 -> 24,500
6. Real Aqua Velvet Ampoule
Price: ₩25,000 -> 0
7. Real Vital Clean Foam Cleanser (free gift) 

The Saem

1. Eco Soul Tint Lip Rouge #5
Price: ₩8,900 -> 6,200
2. Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask
Price: ₩14,000 -> 11,200
3. On The Black Head Volcanic Sulfur Nose Sheet
Price: ₩3,500 -> 1,800


1. Festival Lashes #4 Swing Dance
Price: ₩6,000
2. Festival Lashes #5 Gallery Tour
Price: ₩6,000
3. Festival Lashes #6 No Makeup
Price: ₩6,000
(The eyelashes looks like masquerade and they are good enough that made me purchased more on the next two day XD)
4. Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) Matte Intense #602 Jake
Price: ₩15,000
5. Festival Nails 613 Ashton
Price: ₩3,500
6. Festival Nails 106 Flamingo
Price: ₩2,500


1. PSY Moist Booming Sheet Mask #Ceramide
Price: ₩2,500
2. Some letter and envelope
Price: ₩1,500 & ₩1,300
3. Shower band
Price: ₩5,200
4. Herb Family scents
Price: ₩4,000 & ₩1,500

Free samples
And cute bunny keychain for me and besties ^^

So that’s all for my beauty haul. I also bought some clothes since it’s summer there. All of the clothes are so pretty and I want them all but makeup comes first to me so I just bought two or three clothes X’D

If you have any  request which product do you want me to review first, just comment on box below. I will try my best to review them first but please be patient, okay? There are so many things I haven’t reviewed yet, so sorry D: And maybe I should start making tutorial again, kinda miss it but feeling lazy to do step by step >.<




What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Wow I really really fell in love with those Huge hauls of yours!! You are living the dream hahahahha (why do I always have to be on a tight budget T.T) I came across you 2013 haul while I was surfing online and I found myself looking up everything you had here..TAKE ME WITH YOU IN YOUR TRAVEL BAG PLEASE ^^ how did fight all those temptations out ther? lol If I were you I would take whatever I lay my hands on kekekekke
    good luck!!! looking forward to more of your hauls ^^
    much love <3

  2. Uhhhhhh love your haul post so much! I'm a HUGE fan of Korean makeup/skincare too. They have it here in my country (Brunei) but yeah the price is the prob. It's affordable but they're much cheaper if I get it online or from Korea itself.

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