Korea Romantic Winter Trip Haul

안녕! (≧∇≦)
Finally I finished this post. Hahaha.. It sounds like it takes so much time for writing this post hmmm but actually it is! :p
I know most of you guys have waited for this post and since it’s the easiest part to start my Romantic Winter Tour story, let’s see my haul. (^0^)/
Unlike the previous trip haul which only shows my makeup and skincare haul, this time I try to show everything I bought and got during the trip, whether it’s makeup, skincare, food, cloth, drink, etc.
Let’s start with beauty products :p
Etude House
1. Blending Sleeping Cream #Rosehip
2. Blending Sleeping Cream #Seaweed
3. Sweet Recipe Candy Stick 3pcs (as gifts)
4. Eyelash curler 
5. Vivid Pop Stick #6
5. Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Refill)
6. Rosy Tint Lips #5
7. Natural Lash #5
8. Under Lash #
9. Natural Lash #6
10. Play Nail #7
11. Play Nail #22
12. Cosmetic Pouch #Paris
13. Minnie Wink Lash #1 2pcs 
14. Take Care of My Skin Yogurt Strawberry Mask Sheet 2 set (1 set is my friend’s)
15. Take Care of My Skin White Pearl Strawberry Mask Sheet 1 set
16. Take Care of My Skin Bulgarian Rose Mask Sheet 1 set
17. Take Care of My Skin Heart Mask Sheet 2 set
18. Etude House Air Puff 
Others are free gifts.
19. Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask 2pcs
20. Miracle Steam Hand Cream #Romantic Touch (buy 1 get 1, so in total I have 16pcs :D)
21. M-Super Extreme Waterproof Soft Pencil Eyeliner Auto #Khaki (my fav pencil eyeliner)
22. Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
23. Flower Bouquet Fresh Cleansing Oil #Iris
Those Red Ginseng Sheet Mask (around 4 or 5 pcs) is a free gifts 😀
Nature Republic
20. Hawaiian Fresh Clear Spot Solution
21. Botanical Eco Crayon Eyes #White
23. Glow Lipstick #1 Pink Beige
24. The Volumic Mascara #Sexy Lady
25. Hair Match Browcara #Choco Brown
Clio & Peripera
26. Clio Lipnicure #3
27. Peripera Tint Glow Stick #3 Wind Love
28. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Brown
29. Clio Nail Styler S217
30. Clio Nail Styler S105
Shara Shara
31. Pearl Essence Mask Sheet
32. Real Sauce Strawberry Mask Sheet
33. Petit Friend Tint Balm PK01 Crown Pink 3pcs
34. One Touch Natural Pen Liner #Black
35. Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub
35. Black Source Eye Sunglass (the BA said that this mask is one of their best seller and insisted me to try it, so instead of buying 20pcs -_-, i just bought one first hahahaha)
32. It’s Real Green Tea Mask Sheet (my friend’s)
33. It’s Real Cucumber Mask Sheet
34. Bija Anti Trouble Spot Essence R
35. The Green Tea Seed Deep Cream
36. The Green Tea Seed Serum
Banila Co.
37. Kiss Collector Color Fix Satin NOR218
38. Primer Primer Classic
39. Acid Color Quick Sleek Eyeliner #BK1
Holika Holika
40. Hand Warmer Moisture Hand Cream #Rose and #Mint
41. Holika Holika Penguin Hand Cream
42. Dessert Time Melon Pudding Pack
43. Basic Nails CR01 & PP 03
44. Heartfull Glossy Lipstick PK122 Humming Pink
45. Heartfull Silky Lipstick SPK105
46. Wonder Drawing 24Hr Auto Eyebrow #2
47. Cover & Hiding Liquid Concealer #2
48. Cucumber Essence Mask Sheet
49. Pearl Essence Mask Sheet
50. Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #6
51. Skin Food Deep Sea Water Multi Toner
52. Etude House Mascara Fixer #Super Longlash (forgot to put it together with other EH’s products XD)
free samplessssssssss XD
That’s all for my beauty haul, I bought so many mask sheet like crazy people -___- Hahaha hopefully I can get fairer skin after routin usage of the mask sheet :p :p
Some hair accessories, earrings and rings ♥
Sweater, earmuff, socks, and knit warmer.
One pair of shoes
Rilakkuma band aid is so cute >.<   Chopsticks, bowl (for myself hahaha) and teddy bear plugs as gifts   Packaged foods and drinks     Market O Real Brownie is my mom's fav XD Buy the real chocolate out of curiosity, hope it tastes good :9   Seaweeds   Banana Uyu!!!!!!! My fav!! Actually I hoped that they sell it at duty free but unfortunately no 🙁  Luckily I have bought some huhu, should buy more T.T T.T   Same with Banana Uyu, I thought that the duty free sells soju, makgeolli, and so on. Actually yes they sell it, but the premium one with more expensive price 😐 So I just have this Cheong Ha, bought one day before I left Seoul, it tastes much better than Soju. And the small one and the cup is free gift which I will explain letter on my travel post 😉   Some cute paper/plastic bags I got:       I like Innisfree's paper bag the most because of the Christmas theme! ♥♥   And some free gifts that I got: I was so surprised when I saw what I got from the Buzz Korea Award Event! It's Get It Beauty Box, so happy 😀 😀 😀         Mini size products, samples, and brochures from Nivea, Holika Holika, Clio, Physiogel, a:t fox Tea Toc Water, Dr. G Cream, Miguhara and Mom (actually I'm not sure about the last one since it's all written in Hangeul, correct me if I'm wrong).   This is what I got on my last day, the Innisfree products I have included on the pic above. The rest are Hat from Jill and Stuart (♥♥♥) and Osulloc Secret Tea Story of the world :'D.   So that's all for the haul post. Hope you enjoy it hahahah XD Stay tune for my travel post! ^^                                

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Ohmigosh, greaaaaaat haul! I love the cute ribbon hairband and the mini Etude travle kit! So cute!

    So luck you won a Get It Beauty Box! I've been thinking of subscribing to them but I'm currently preventing myself from trying new beauty items from a recent allergy break out. XD

  2. Yeahhh, i really brought them home, Fil.. Now they sit perfectly on my refrigerator hahaha XD
    the Lite one? i dunno , is that a brand? :O

    yeahhh, it's a sample! i got two! one from the beauty box, and from my purchase on their store. Now i want to try it after reading your comment hahaha 😀

  3. O…o belanjaan lo…. hahah btw lip product ga gt banyak ya? Apa mata gw udh rabun? Jahahaha ditunggu review annya yah cyiin as always. Boleh rrquest ga? Lip product dulu yg di review ahhahhah kidding hon. Btw, gw ngiler bgt sama banana uyu nya. Gw mau cari itu korean mart sampe dpt di darmawangsa hahahaha.

  4. gw dari beberapa hari yang lalu "mengintai" ke jalan darmawangsa, tapi blom ketemu si k-mart nya. gw cuma lewating doang sih emang. Tapi gw udah yakin bgt disekitar situ (dr hasil googling juga menguatkan prasangka gw) hahha. niat amat ya? sekalian mau cari sendok XD sip lah bu bos gw kabakalo udah ada ~~

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