Lovedrops Urumi Liner Review

Happy Sunday!
Do you like cute puppy eyes? Do you like aegyo sal? Then I want to introduce you to Lovedrops Urumi Liner that I got from Cosmekita Launching Event. (≧∇≦)
 Of course you can guess right from what country is this liner? Yes it’s from Japan ^^
I really fall in love with it at the first sight. You know I’m a sucker for cute packaging right? ._.
I like the pastel pink color, it looks so sweet >.<     The color is coral pink and I don't understand anything written there >.<    I find it's so strange that it's Japan eyeliner but made in Korea.     It's easy to get out the eyeliner from the package. I don't have to tear up the beautiful packaging. Hehehe..     The eyeliner body is in black colour, while the name of the liner is in pink colour. There are three colours available for this liner, and each liner has different cap colour. This one has pink cap :3   I like the idea of having the sharpener together with the liner and it fits with other pencil liner too.        The texture is soft and it doesn't hurt my eyes. Sometimes there are some pencil liner that will hurt your eyes, but this one won't do that.      I was surprised at how much pigmented it is just with one swipe. Besides, the pencil glides on smoothly. The color is coral pink, just like the name, it contains shimmer but not too much like disco ball.     So this is how it looks like on my eyes. I apply it on my lower lash line area to create aegyo sal effect. I like how it doesn't look too much on my eyes, because just like I said before, it's not too sparkling or glittery, hence it's still suitable for everyday makeup look. It's also smudgeproof and waterproof.      - pigmented colour - creamy and soft texture - waterproof and smudgeproof - include sharpener - kinda cute packaging     none     This is my favourite pink eyeliner now to create aegyo sal eyes because of the really natural colour and not too much glitter in it. <3            

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Kebanyakan brg jepang made in korea kok ce 😀
    kadang company dikorea beli label di jepang >,<
    merk daiso, contohnya mask chrocoal itu made in korea kok
    thank for review, padahal aku mau request ini buat ce review di posringan cosmeticanya XD

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