Masami Shouko Brush Case Review

Yeay finally I got myself a brush case 😀  I’ve been searching for a while on online shop and I’m quite interested in Sigma brush set. And it is not sold separately from its brushes so you have to buy it in one set. But it’s rather expensive so I still confused whether to buy it or not. 

But thanx God when I went to Sogo at Emporium Mall last Wednesday, i saw this brush case from Masami Shouko. The price is cheap compared to Sigma, around Rp 90.000 and there was a discount when I bought  it, so I only paid around Rp 70.000 for this brush case 😀 

As you can see, when it is opened, we can part it into two and place our brushes on it. It’s up to you how to use it. Maybe you want to put your clean brushes in one side and the other side for the brushes that needed to be clean. Or maybe one side for eye brushes and the other side for face brushes. It’s up to you 😀
Now I can take my brushes anywhere when I go travelling without having to worry about my brushes condition ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. where there two size of it? cause yesterday when I went to Kay Collection in PVJ, they have two size. I bought the small one cause I don't have that many brush yet and my purpose of buying one is for travelling, so I thought I didn't need the big one.

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