Milani Sheer Color Lipstick "Ambrosia" Review

So I got this surprise when I received my package from Reine Doll Shop. I bought two brushes and one bronzer from her, and she said that she also sent me one lipstick for review purposes. When I opened my package, I could see that it is Milani lipstick. Thank you Reine Doll Shop ^^
The tube looks elegant in gold colour. The cap is transparent plastic though, that will make us easy to see the lipstick colour from above. The cap is really tight so you won’t have to worry it will open when you put it on bag or make-up pouch. 🙂
I got no. 13 “Ambrosia”. 
When I first opened the cap and see the colour: omo, so finally I own red lipstick? I can see it’s so shimmery!
But actually I was wrong. It’s not pure red colour. :p When I swatched it on my hand, I could see that it’s more to coral orange colour with lots of shimmery on it. 
bare lips
using two layers of Ambrosia
I could smell sweet vanilla scent when applying this lipstick on my lips. It’s a nice scent that makes me wanna lick my lips :p But I find it a little bit difficult to apply on my bare lips. It’s not that smooth, maybe because of my dry lips condition. So the next time I applied it, I apply lip balm first to get smoother application of this sheer lipstick. We can build the intensity of the colour. With just one layer, it shows up nicely, not too much but quite enough to tell that I’m using lipstick because of its orange shimmery colour. With two layer just like the pic above, the colour is more intense and perfect for this summer look. 😀 And when I want more natural colour, I just tap tap it on my inner part lips, just like how I use lip tint. ^^ It can last up to two hours without making my lips dry and it will fade away after drinking or eating. 
What I like: 
Sweet vanilla scent
Nice orange colour
Doesn’t make my lips dry
Buildable colour (don’t afraid of the word ‘sheer’)
What I dislike:
too much shimmery
the texture isn’t creamy enough
Rating: 3,5 out of 5
If you want to try this lipstick, you can buy it on Reine Doll Shop. They provides so many ready stock of popular drugstore brand with affordable price and sometimes they have interesting promo. 🙂
Notes: This lipstick was sent to me for review purpose but all of my opinions are honest and based on my own experiences of using it.

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. I've never tried Milani's products but I've heard so much on their baked blushes and its good feedbacks… The packaging of the lipstick is really classy!! I love the translucent cap it makes it much elegant compared to a transparent one…^_~ The shade is really pretty!! shimmery and quite I'm not a fan of super pigmented lippies…hehe..~ Thanks for sharing this review! I've come to learn that Milani's have nice lippies too!! ^_~

  2. This is such a cute sheer colour. Im not a fan of bright colours so this one is just right. It's a shame that they don't sell this brand here in the UK though :(. You're gorgeous by the way and your blog is super cute. Now following 🙂

    Ploy <3 


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