Skin Food Tomato Whitening Spot Serum Review

Who has problem with reducing acne scars? If yes, then you are the same with me. After the acne is gone, we can breath happily if there is no scars left. But what if there is any scars left? Maybe you won’t be confident to left house without any make up or your face won’t look flawless. That’s why I’ve been searching for whitening product. Since I’ve tried Etude House Red Spot Balm and experienced nothing good about it, I decided to try this Skin Food Tomato Whitening Spot Serum. 🙂
Tomato Whitening series is of course for whitening effect. The complete series: toner, emulsion, cream, serum, and spot serum. Because I want to focus on acne spots, I prefer spot serum to serum. Packaged in this long tiny tube, as usual it has that Skin Food’s classic vintage style which I like. It contains 30ml serum which I afraid will run out in no time. ._.
Decription (from website):
This skin-brightening spot serum containing arbutin and tomato extract rich in lycopene, vitamins, and minerals makes dull skin clear and blemish-free and improves skin tone, with its moist texture.
To use: After toner, apply to areas in need of whitening skin care, and pat gently to absorb.
*I wonder why the description from the website always a little bit different with the decription from the back of the packaging* ( ´ー`)
This is my first try for Tomato Whitening series. Usually I don’t use any whitening products because I don’t think I really need that, my main focus is to minimize pore or reduce acne. Besides, I read that Tomato Whitening series is more suitable for dry skin rather than oily skin (mine is oily combination).
The colour of the spot serum is milky white and the texture is a little bit thick. It has a nice scent, but I don’t think it’s a tomato scent :p But the scent is very nice that makes me want to have its toner and emulsion also. Hahaha.. XD
I use it every night, after using toner. I just pat it to the problem areas, pat pat it and wait for a few minutes until it get fully absorbed before using emulsion. I have used it for around three months and it still haven’t ran out. Hahaha.. Turns out my prediction about it will run out soon is wrong :p
The first and second week I used it, I always checked my scar areas just to see have they disappeared or not. But i see nothing difference with it. Hahaha ( ̄へ ̄) I started to think that this is just the waste of time and money, how can I expect it will reduce my acne scars? -_-” But because it will be more waste if I don’t use it until its last drop, that’s why I keep using it until now.
And now I can see that it really does its job! I won’t notice it if I didn’t take photos of my cheek for concealer reviews. Still remember about my Etude House Surprise Stick and Essence Concealer review? There is a gap about two months between each post and I can see that there is a difference between those two photos and now when I’m looking at the mirror. :p My acne scars and redness are mostly reduced but it takes time for this serum to work. So you have to be patient if you want to see its effect.
What I like:
Nice scent
Quickly absorbed into my skin without leaving any greasy feeling
Help to reduce redness and acne scars
Affordable price (around Rp 120.000-130.000, I bought it at Rie Butik)
Will last long for me, maybe around 5 to 6 months.
What I dislike:
It takes time to see the effect (more than 1 month)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Will I repurchase? Yes but I’m also thinking to buy Innisfree Jejubija Anti Trouble Spot Essence. Let us see what I will buy later :p
Thanks for reading and have a nice day ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Hai there. Kalo boleh tau wht tone do u use dear? Aku lagi combine bgt ni pake wildberry milk cleanser and tea tree cleansing foamnya, trus pake emulsion n serumnya jg. tapi bekas jerawat mmg blm bs ilang sempurna aku udh pake lumayan lama sih. When i read ur review aku jd penasaran sm tomato whitening spot serumnya, tp kira2 mnurutmu bakal problem ga ya klo aku combine gt?

    Thanks ya reviewnya 😀

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