Nature Republic Fly to The Moon Pearl Mascara Review

Hi All..
Today I want to give a short review about mascara from Nature Republic that my dear friend gave me hihi :3
Fly to The Moon Pearl Mascara has a very pretty box, don’t you agree? It looks very beautiful in dark blue box <3 <3 I'm so happy my friend gave this to me XD   And well, I never knew that Nature Republic has this product :O After I searched around internet yesterday, I found out that this was part of their 2012 Christmas Collection. :3   It has braille for the blind, super cool *.*       It's a limited edition hihi but why is it still available around last two month? XD I like the description: sparkles like a galaxy in the night sky ^^   Soon it will be Christmas again! Time flies so fast, eh?   Unfortunately the tube design isn't as pretty as the box and it looks cheap in my opinion. (-_-#)     The applicator is not like typical mascara applicator. It's just straight, to apply the glitter easily.   -without flash-   -with flash-   It looks very pretty under flash and the main colour is purple (*´∇`*)   -with flash-   So I applied it to false lashes because I'm too lazy to applied it to my lashes then have to clean it again later ._. With normal lighting, it's hard to capture the glitter on photo, so I took it with flash. As you can see, it sparkles beautifully, perfect for special occassion, to make your look more special ^^ Or if you want to use it for hanging out with friend, I guess that's okay too, since I used it when I hanged out with friend and they didn't comment anything about my eyelash 😛     That's all for now and thanks for reading :3                          

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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