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I went to Singapore on February 2016 to watch my favourite band, Bon Iver. At first, I still didn’t know where to stay yet, til I found a hotel named Naumi. I have stayed in so many hotels in Singapore, but I would say that my experience with Naumi Hotel gotta be the most unforgettable one. It was short, but really unforgettable.
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Naumi Hotel is a state-of-the-art hotel boutique hotel that have won many awards. “The President Design of The Year” award, and also “One of the Best Place to Stay in the World” award, just to name a few. The hotel is located conveniently near the Bugis and City Hall MRT, surrounded by shopping centers and restaurants! Just right up my alley!
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I stayed in a Habitat Room. What I admired the most was how cleverly designed and arranged the room was in such a small space can be. It was intelligently designed and filled with little surprises all around. Shower and toilet are divided from the room by a glass wall, which fogs up at the touch of a button. Automatic rolling blinds are made available in the room to make going to bed (and waking up) stress-free. Sink, mirror, fridge and some storage space are all in an island-like counter, which stands in the middle of the entrance area.
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There is a big shelf hidden in the wall between shower and bedroom area. The room comes with a selection of mini-bar items and a small bottle of gin, whiskey and vodka. You can find all the glasses, cups, espresso machine and a kettle in there. A tiny desk is also covering a power outlet. In fact, the room also comes with its very own Apple TV so you can stream music and videos easily from your Mac-family gadgets. If you own an iPhone, a Macbook and an iPad, just like me, you are in luck!
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Opening drawers in the room is almost like a treasure hunt – finding all those thoughtful things are often surprising and you can find more things that you would expect. You will find an ironing board and iron whereby you can keep your clothes wrinkle free. There is even a yoga mat waiting to be used and you can request a hair straightener to be delivered to the room.
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The bedroom area is decorated in a very sleep friendly way. Gorgeously simple – no distractions, just a bed, soft carpet, exotic wooden floor adding warmth, lavish glass, sheer curtains, warm earthy tones and a gorgeous pendant lamp that features the Naumi’s signature floral pattern. Naumi has decided to indulge and pamper all guests with seven-layer bedding in 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. It feels like silk on skin and it is sooo goddamn comfy! Well, the room is well equipped, tastefully done up, cozy and has a luxurious feel with stylish furnishings.
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