Neo Vision Dali Brown Black Lens Review

Do you want to wear lens but in a natural way as posssible?
This lens can help you to achieve that, it’s from Neo Vision, the type is Dali in Black Brown Colour.
This lens was sent to me by Klenspop for review purpose. You can check the product here ^^
Neo Vision is a softlens manufacturer from Korea. You can check the website here
Anyway I was looking for lens that has normal diameter, not something that will give enlargement to eyes, with brown colour. I always love brown lens <3 And I found this on Klenspop website and the colour looks like what I always wanted, so I chose this lens. 🙂   Diameter: 14.0mm Graphic Diameter:  Base Curve: 8.6 Water Content: 38% Disposable: 1 year   They also included Multi Purpose Solution 150ml and a cute softlens case.. Giraffe reminds me of Kwang Soo XD   The softlens case has mirror and spatula inside, really convenient for travelling (•ㅂ•)/♥   Bottom pics: with flash   Design & Color 4/5: In terms of natural look, the design of the lens is really really natural. The gradation of brown colour from the outer part that slightly lighter to the inner part. It blends nicely with my eye colour. Super love it! <3   Enlargement 2/5: Because of the diameter that is only 14mm, it doesn't really enlarge my eyes. In fact, my eyes still look small even with the lens XD   -with flash-   -sun lighting-   Comfort 4.5/5: I should say that this lens is really comfortable, probably because of the size that is only 14mm. I can wear it more than 8 hours without needed to use tear drop 😀        I used it on my SNSD Seohyun Mr Taxi Makeup Tutorial (read it here) and I think it looks really natural, as if my eye color is brown, don't you agree? ^^     If you look for really natural lens with minimum enlargement effect, then you might want to try this lens.    Klenspop is an online shop based in South Korea that sells lens wh ich are made in South Korea. The price is considered affordable. ^^     So thank you for reading <3          

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Written by virgo

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