Vassen Vanilla Shake Grey Review

Guess what’s inside this cute pink polkadot box? Yes you’re right, it’s contact lens from Loveshoppingholics. The pink bow at the top of the box is just too lovely, plus the animal lens <3   What I got is Vassen Vanilla Shake in Grey colour.       I rarely have 14.5 mm lens. LOL.. Usually I prefer bigger diameter to look dolly but 14.5mm is ok for more formal occassion 🙂   Pattern 9.5/10: Can you see that the pattern is so beautiful? It looks like a flower. Usually I don't like flower pattern on lenses since it looks too fake but I don't know why but I love Vanilla Shake pattern :3       Enlargement 7/10: Don't hope for too much enlargement with this lens. Yes it looks bigger but not too much.    -with flash-   Colour 9/10: From the lens itself, we can see that the purple, white and yellow colour is so vibrant, and nothing like grey. But once I've wear it, I can realized the grey colour at once. It looks so grey, even from afar 😀   This lens is really suitable for sexy look (or is it only me who think like that? :p) Wearing my friend glasses just for fun, look smart enough? *slapped xD   Comfort 8/10: Nothing unusual about the comfortness of the lens but I do feel dry on my eyes after 4 hours, especially in aircon room. So don't forget to always bring eyedrops in case your eyes is dry. 🙂   Afterall, I love this lens for the vivid grey colour and the beautiful flower pattern ♡   You can buy it at Loveshoppingholic and the discount code is available on the right side of my blog. ^^       Thank you for reading and have a nice day ~              

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Written by virgo

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