SOLUSIMU Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Cover Review

Hi all.. It’s been a week since my last post.. I don’t have any mood to write any post last week.. All I wanna do is just watching Korean drama.. Hahaha.. Recently I am watching A Gentleman’s Dignity, Bridal Mask (Gaksital) and Time Slip Dr Jin. A Gentleman’s Dignity is a romantic comedy drama, Bridal Mask is historical action drama. I’m in love with AGD because of the story and the actor and actress.. <3 But this week I have rewatched The Moon that Embraces The Sun and Secret Garden, both are my favourites. So to start this week, I am ready to share new review for you. (^O^)/ All of us use public toilet, don't we? And sometimes we feel disgusting, seeing that the toilet seat is full with shoe print or wet because of water or whatever it is. ( ̄へ ̄)But what can we do if we really need to use it despite of the condition of the toilet? We will just use toilet tissue to cover the seat and that is not practical. Besides there is environmental issue by using too much tissue. But now I have found the solution. I don't have to use toilet tissue anymore, i just need to use paper toilet seat. ヽ(^◇^*)/ Solusimu kindly sent me two travel pack of their disposable paper toilet seat cover. 🙂 Each pack contains 10 sheets of disposable toilet seat covers that keep us safe and protect us from germs in public restroom. Beside this travel pack, they also have other series like commercial package, package 1 metal dispenser, and package 2 plastic dispenser. The travel pack is really travel friendly because of the small size that will fit to our bag and won't need too much space. The packaging is simple with domination of blue colour. When I opened the packaging and saw the seat cover, suddenly I remember "kertas minyak". They look just the same. Hahahaha.. xD When I unfolded it, I could see that it's pretty thin, just like the pic above. I think the more thinner it is, the more easier it can be flush into the toilet. Hmmm... So this illustration shows you how to use the seat cover.. Before unfolded it, you have to disconnect the joints first. For me, I just disconnect half of it, so the other half is still stick to the bigger part. Then just place it to the toilet seat like illustration no. 2. After finished, just flush it to toilet. And you're done. 😀 For taking this picture, I will just demonstrate it using my home toilet. It'll be weird if I take photos on public toilet and it will take longer time :p I do as instructed and that is how it looks like. So the toilet seat is a little bit wet when I placed the seat cover. Because it's super thin, it turns out wet pretty fast. -,- So if you don't want to sit in a wet seat cover, it's better to wipe the wet part first with tissue before covering it with seat cover. 🙂 As for the flushing part, I was a little bit worried. How if after I flushed it to toilet then the toilet is clogged? Not funny right? I thought about it for a moment, there must be a reason why the company tell us to just flush it into toilet. So I just flush it and there's nothing happen, which is good. 😀 From the letter I received from Solusimu, it's written that: every sheet of Solusimu is 100% biodegradable, which means that every time we flush the sheet after use, biological process will take place to dissolve it without adversely affecting the natural ecosystem. Given these qualities, long-term use of Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover will not cause clogging. Research shows that this paper is in fact four times faster to dissolve in water compared to regular toilet tissue roll. Amazing right? ^^ Seeing how convenient it is to use, I'm pretty much in love with it right now. I don't have to feel afraid everytime I use public toilet anymore because of this disposable paper toilet seat cover. (≧∇≦) If you are interested to try this out, you can contact Solusimu at: website: facebook: twitter: Remember: Germs are not for sharing! ^^

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Written by virgo

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