Tony Moly Anti-Aging Hand Cream Review

I know that most of you asked me to review Reskin Solution first among all items I got from my first BNTNews package. But because my favorite from all of them is Tony Moly Anti-Aging Hand Cream, so I think I will just review this first. :3
An intensive nourishing hand cream that brightens your day with its delightful sweet Peach scent. Peach extracts, containing rich Lycopene, and Apricot Fruit extracts nourish the easily dry and delicate hands. Also containing Adenosine, an ingredient which effectively tackle wrinkles, is also added in the hand cream.
I think I don’t need to tell you again that the packaging is so cute, which really looks like a peach fruit. Although some may think that this kind of packaging is kind of bulky, but for me it’s not. It’s not heavy and I like to bring it on my bag. ^^ Just like most of other Tony Moly’s products that I’ve used, this peach hand cream also has a plastic separator between the lid and the products. Though I don’t think it’s quite necessary since the hand cream is quite thick and inside my bag, I can’t  make sure that the products will always stay like its position. Sure it will move here and there and at the end of the day when I open it, the hand cream is not transferred to the plastic separator. 😀
Although the texture is thick, it’s not sticky at all. It just need a few minutes for the hand cream to really absorbed into my skin and you won’t have to afraid of the sticky feelings because it’s not! Just like its name, it smells like peach and I like it. I like the sweet scent and it suddenly lightens up my mood. 😀
Actually I’m quite confused why must there a hand cream? I mean body cream can also be used as hand cream right? K But maybe because there are some extra ingredients that is specialized for hand? I’m not really sure.
Anyway, although it’s stated that this is a hand cream, I like to use it on other area that is really dry, example my legs, elbow and foots. I can see that this hand cream really do its function to moisturize my elbow. Actually my elbow is the driest part right now, it’s just so ewhhh.. -,- Then I used this hand cream regularly every night after I received it until now (just missed few days when I was in Korea because too tired and forget the routinity lol) and guess what? My elbow condition is so much better now. I didn’t take any photo of my elbow before using this hand cream but I’m swear that I’m telling the truth. My elbow is so smooth right now, you can’t tell that it’s so dry before, thanx to Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream xD As for the anti-aging function, I can’t comment much since I don’t have any wrinkles on my hand.
What I like:
Cute packaging
  Sweet peach scent
  Travel friendly
   Really moisturize any dry part of my body
   Not sticky at all
What I dislike: none
So far I’m so in love with this hand cream. I don’t like to use any body/hand cream/lotion/butter that is sticky so to use one that is not like that is a must. Besides it’s able to moisturize my dry skin <3 Thank you, BNTNews for sending me this hand cream to try. For you who want to know more about latest K-pop, K-fashion, K-entertainment informations, make sure to check out BNTNews’ website, facebook, and tumblr. ^^ For Big Bang fans, make sure you join this event, who knows you are one of the lucky 50 winners 😀          

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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