Tony Moly Help Me Lip Balm Review

Heyho lip balm junkies! 
Ever think of other function of lip balm besides for moisturizing your lips? It’s for self-protection! And you can get that function from Tony Moly Help Me Lip Balm ~
The name itself is funny and describe much about the function. XD
Too bad that there is no English description for the product but still we can understand enough from the illustration :3
The advertising image is so funny, help me lip balm as a boxer xD
Tony Moly Help Me Lip Balm available in two options: Super Moisture and Wonder Tint Balm. I’m happy that I got the Super Moisture one, as you probably have known that I like clear lip balm ^^
Simple packaging but looks attractive. Its round shape in hot pink colour with that help me name sure will get attention, moreover if you use it on your bag 😀
The manufactured date. It’s still really new (of course because it’s one of new product from Tony Moly recently :3)
There is a tiny plastic to separate the products and the lid, I find it common in Tony Moly products. 
Since it’s not a tinted lip balm, the product in a jar doesn’t have any color and so does when you apply it on your lips. 
Well remember about the function I mentioned at the beginning of this post? Yes it’s for self-protection. I think it’s important for women to bring something to protect ourself, like pepper spray xD
But this one is cuter.. :p
How does it works?
Just pull out that part and it will scream loudly! Really really loud, kind of police sirene, but not really.  The voice is so loud and annoying so I immediately put it back on its place before my neighbour curious what sound was that xD
So it’s really useful, just in case you’re in a dangerous situation, quickly take this lip balm and pull out the chain. 🙂
And here is the before-after pic:
As you can see, it doesn’t give any colour to my lips, just makes it look glossy because of the moisturizing effect. It’s not sticky at all which I love! It has a nice orange scent. Well actually I thought it will smell like strawberry since it comes in a pink packaging but I was wrong :p 
What I don’t really like from this lip balm is just the jar packaging, which means that I have to use my finger to apply the product to my lips. But I never used my fingers since it’s not hygienic that way, so I always use brush. It’s not convenient to use separate brush, how I wish they could include applicator along this kind of packaging. 🙁
Mine is super moisture but I think the moisturizing function is just ordinary, I still have to apply it after two or three hours. 
I think it’s really an interesting concept to include other function like this into one lip balm, thanx to Tony Moly creative thinking that we can use this cute lip balm for self-protection too ^^
Thank you BNTNews for sending me this lip balm.
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What do you think?

Written by virgo

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