Baby Color Summer Doll Violet Review

Hello ladies.. How is your day? Been so hectic for this week but thankfully I am allowed to rest on this Sunday. Today I wanna share with you lens review: Baby Color Summer Doll in Violet colour. 
The original baby color summer doll comes in blister packaging, not in bottle. The design at the blister is so kawaii <3 All of the colours are so tempting but because I never tried violet colour so I choose the violet one. :3   Specification: Diameter: 19.80mm B.C 8.60 Water content: 48% Duration: 3-6 month Origin: Japan   Pattern 8/10: The pattern is so unique, not with flower design or something that looks too fake.      Enlargement 8/10: Although the description says the diameter is 19.8mm, but I think Geo Big Grang Grang looks bigger in my eyes. Yes it gives enlargement but not that much.      Comfort 9/10: The lens is super thin, I don't feel like I'm using any lens 😀 I started to feel my eyes dry after 6 hours of using it.   Colour 9/10: At first I was afraid that the violet colour will look too bright, I still not used to use lens that look fake on my eyes. Turns out that the colour blend out really nice with my eye colour, and the violet isn't that obvious from far.      See? You barely notice the violet colour, right and it looks really natural on my eyes xD     I bought this lens from Miaw Lens. They are trusted seller that sell Japanese products, including lens. 😀 Besides Baby Color, they also sell other imported lens, like Darrens, Komilook flower, Lolita, Vivian, Eyemeny, etc.    The good news is you can get 10% off from normal price by mentioning: "purplelyhazel".  Facebook: Website: CP/whats app: 08180-9988-666 See you on my next post! ^^            

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Written by virgo

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