Pandora Vanilla Shake Grey Review

Have you ever heard about this lens? It’s called Pandora and this series is called Vanilla Shake. The name sounds cute right? :3
The lens box is in pink colour and at the top and bottom part, it also has polkadot pattern. It comes in blister type, not bottle. 
Pandora Vanilla Shake Specification:
Diameter: 19.50mm
B.C. 8.60
Water content: 52%
Duration: 6-12 month
Origin: China
Those are the advertising pics. I really like the pink and grey colour, somehow the grey colour looks like violet. But finally I choose the grey one because I’m afraid that the pink will look unnatural on my eyes ._.
This is my first time using 19.5 mm lens. The biggest lens I ever used is just 15 mm from Geo Cafe series. I thought hard before buying this. Haha.. I’m afraid that it will not comfortable on my eyes and because of it’s so big, I’m afraid it will hurt my eyes. But how can I know if I never try it right? So yeahh I finally bought it and I’m not disapointed with it 😀
Because the pattern couldn’t be seen clearly on the blister, I just take a pic of it in the lens case. The pattern s very lovely right? It’s similar with flower, and it’s so purple there. For your information, it’s a 4 tone lens. 🙂
Enlargement (7/10):
It’s big. You can see the difference between the one using and not. It’s big but it doesn’t give that dolly look, unlike other lens that I have that basically support dolly look.
Pattern (10/10): 
As I said before, the pattern is very pretty. It looks like flower and the outer black ring is unique 😀
Colour (9/10):
The colour looks like a mix of grey and violet, but mostly you will see it as grey 😀 But from the pic above, under sunlight, I think it looks like violet colour. :3
Comfort (7/10):
The lens is very thin and I almost feel like I’m not wearing lens xD But sometimes it feels so dry after 3 hours so I have to use eye drops several times. But on the other day, it feels just fine even when I’m wearing it until more than 8 hours. ._.
Overall, I love this lens. This is my first grey lens and it still look quite natural on me. This
is also my first time trying 19.5 mm and surprisingly, it’s still comfortable enough, making me don’t afraid to try other big lens out there :D. When I’m bored with brown lens, I will use this lens. For now and future (maybe for around 1 month later) I will use this time everytime I will hang out with my friends 😀
I bought this from Tomato Online Shop.. The seller is very nice in answering all of my questions and they have different promotion each month. :3
And this is my FOTD two days ago wearing Pandora lens ^^
Thanx for reading and see you on my next post (^0^)/

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. I've never heard of Pandora as I knew only GEO and only GEO..keke~ But I have to agree the name and the packaging look so cute! You carried the lens pretty nicely..I would look like an alien if I'm the one who wore it (-__-)"  BTW, you look super gorgeous and you have such a nice porcelain skin (*envy mode*) Thanks for sharing this =)

  2. hahaha.. Geo is super famous yaa.. This lens is also new to me, that's why I wanna try it out because of the pretty pattern 😀 I don't think so, how could you know you will look like an alien if you never try it? Hihi :p
    Aaaaaa thanx Janet, but it's because of make-up. Without make-up, you won't say that my skin is a porcelain skin :p
    Have a nice day ^^

  3. i love the packaging, its super cute!!i also really like the colours of the lenses because they dont look too obvious, sometimes you see people on the street wearing really outrageous lenses and its scary!!! 

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin 🙂

    let me know! 


  4. I'm still in dilemma whether to purchase this or not because some of them came with blisters some with bottle… plus, who would believe a lens with diameter (or have the effect) 19.5 mm =_= it's almost 2cm haha almost my entire eye slit seriously (and my eyes r not small)…

    You should try pink sometimes! But the grey suits you amazing, uberpretty! ;*

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