Cute Choice of the Day: Lulla

Have you guys know about Lulla?
Lulla is the first knot hairties in Indonesia. Bored of your regular hairtie? Now it’s time to try something different. Lulla has many choices that might suit you. As for me, they chose Candie and Petite Cotton Candy.
The packaging is simple but you can easily see the hairtie colour inside.
When you flip it, you can see the knot which is the unique point of Lulla. ^^
I really like their choices for me! Both set of the hairties have amazing colours, especially the Petite Cotton Candy which has all my fav colours: pink, purple and mint <3 <3 <3 The size of Candie and Petite Cotton Candy are different. Candie has bigger size so that's why it only contains 5pcs while Petite Cotton Candy has smaller size and in one set it contains 9pcs. ^^ Another unique thing is you can use it as bracelet too. It's so eye catchy 😀 They have so many choices and they don't restock so go grab them while still in stock.  Lulla Email: [email protected] BB Pim: 2380AA8F Facebook: Instagram:

What do you think?

Written by virgo


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