3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon #Pink Smoothie Review

Among 3 Concept Eyes product that I purchased two months ago, the Jumbo Lip Crayon is the first one I tried and therefore it’s the first product I review. There are 12 colours in total and I decided to try the soft colour, which is Pink Smoothie. Still searching for soft pink and peachy pink colour *never feel enough XD*
I come into conclusion that every 3 Concept Eyes products come in a black box. *tell me if I’m wrong*
For the lip crayon box, the lip crayon colour is shown at upper part of the box.
Despite its name: Jumbo Lip Crayon, judging from the appearance, it’s not jumbo at all. Other lip crayons I have, like Etude House Vivid Pop Stick and The Saem Saemmul Lip Crayon look bigger than this.
It will expire around one year from now o.O
Style Nanda describes it as bright and lovely coral pink, great for outlining or creating color gradation from inner part of the lips, easy and convenient, good for daily use.
Do you think it’s a coral pink colour? I think it’s not. Besides, you can see that the colour on my lips and on the crayon is different T.T On me, it’s a soft pink colour. I like the colour but it’s just not as I expected. It’s not really pigmented, I have to glide it more than two times to get the color spread evenly on my lips. 
3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon is very creamy and it glides smoothly on my lips! It gives glossy finish, unlike some lip crayon which tend to have matte finish. However it sets on fine line and I think my lips looks very ugly when smiling because of that T.T Seriously why does it have to set on fine line? Waeeee?
It has a very mild scent, almost unnoticeable. 
– very creamy
– quite moisturizing
– glossy finish
– very mild scent
– the colour is not coral pink on my lips
– sets into fine lines
This is the first 3CE product that disappoint me. I don’t know whether other colour, like more vivid color, has the same issue: set into fine lines or not. I think it’s a very strong negative point for me.

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. The color looks so soft and pretty on your lips, but the fact that it does settle is disappointing. And you're right… this color doesn't look even the slightest bit coral. Baby pink maybe, but definitely not a coral pink. Thanks for the review xoxo <3

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