Short update: changed my hair colour!

How are you girls?
Sorry for lack of updating blog these weeks hehehe.. Hope I can be more productive this month.
Anyway, this post is just about short update about my hair. ^^
This is my fourth time coloring my hair. Before this, I always colored it by myself and asked for my mom’s help. But the result always turned out uneven, even after using two box of hair colour 🙁
So this time, I decided to just go to hair salon and get my hair done. I love my hair colour but I think it’s too light so I asked them to make it a litle bit darker.
If you follow my instagram or facebook, you must have seen my new hair color, but I don’t know whether you notice the colour has changed or not XD
What do you think? I think it’s too dark >.< Actually I like it, because the color turns out even on my hair 😀 That is enough to make me happy hihi.. Oh and by the way, I also cut my hair so it's on the same length now, no more layer. I like it this way ^^ And do you know how much it cost me? For colouring and cutting, it only cost me around Rp220k! So happy lah with the price and result hihi. XD Many of my friends said that they like this colour better on me. Please tell me your opinion too on comment box below. 😀 And by the way, my blog template has changed. Do you notice it? So that's all for now. Will post review, travel, and haul post later.  See you :*

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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