Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Review

Etude House Minnie Mouse Collection is probably one of the cutest collection they ever released. I mean who doesn’t like Mickey and Minnie Mouse? >.< As soon as they released it, I ordered some of the products, including Minnie Kissing Lips.     Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips is available on two shades: #1 Minnie Red and #2 Bubble Pink. Since it's a limited edition and I can wear both of the colours so why not purchasing them? XD   The box is really really cute!! I like both of the Minnie Mouse illustration. The Minnie Red one has looking seductive Minnie, holding red lipstick XD and The Bubble Pink one has Minnie illustration using heart shape glasses and pink lips. So cute, right?    Top of the box.    -left side of the box- Full of polkadot pattern, love it!   -right side of the box- Also full of polkadot pattern, but there is an English decription about the lipstick.   Etude House  Minnie Kissing Lips This creamy lipstick provides a hydrating color with a soft shine. [Net Wt] 3.5g   -bottom of the box- The barcode is on Minnie's head shape, cuteee! *dunno how many times have I said cute already* :p     I like the black tube and white cap that is decorated with pink dots for shade #2 and Minnie for shade #1. It makes the packaging more attractive and pretty 😀   I think you must be bored seeing the names for the third or fourth times now hahahhaa :p     Swatches on my hand: Both of the colours are very lovely. Minnie Red is a perfect red colour with orange undertone that is perfect for me and Bubble Pink is a cute pink colour which really gives a soft look. ^^    #1 Minnie Red   #2 Bubble Pink   From the description on the box, it says that the lipstick will give a soft shine and I think it's true. You can see from swatches above that my lips looks shiny, right? 😀    It glides on smoothly on my lips, it doesn't accentuate any dry part of my lips and it's moisturizing! But if you have really dry lips, I think it's better to use lip balm first. My lips is very dry when I was in Korea last week and I tried to use shade #2. It still glides on smoothly but just in case it shows the dry part, so be prepared. 😉   It stays on my lips for more than 4 hours without drinking or eating, and after eating or drinking, it still leaves a nice tint on my lips. It's lightly scented and I like the scent!   I use Minnie Red on my Miss A Fei Hush Makeup Tutorial and the colour is really pretty, right? 😀       What I like:  cute packaging  creamy and glides on smoothly on lips  moisturizing  nice scent   What  I dislike:   none     I really satisfied at this limited edition lipstick. Etude House doesn't just put attention on the packaging and the Minnie Mouse, but they also make the lipstick great with the texture, colour, and scent! If you can have one, better grab one before it's sold out. 😀     There are still many things to be reviewed, travel story to be shared and makeup tutorial to be done, with so little time. Gosh, I wish one day was more than 24 hours >.<     Ageha Caramel Brown and Lunatia Grey Japan Softlens     BB Pin: 25A8140C SMS: 081 807 909033 Line: yulialusiana Instagram: japansoftlens Email: [email protected]   By the way, I host an Instagram giveaway. Follow my instagram for more information 🙂                                    

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Written by virgo

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