Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #7 and #8 and Drawing Show Creamy Pencil RD304 Review

When Etude House released their Rose collection, the one that really caught my eyes is Sulli’s lip colour. It looks so good. So of course I bought it and I think I made a right choice 😀
Well who doesn’t love the box? I do love it so much, it looks so beautiful, especially the red one. The red box is for tint no.1 and 8 while other colours use white box.
With a tinge of red, she blossoms like a rose in full bloom, The story of her and the rose, & Rose…
Rosy Tint Lips
This velvet type Tint Lips comes with a soft delicate texture and rich color to express lips of a rosy petal.
Tip 1.) Delicate Petal Lip Gradation: Dab a certain amount onto center of upper and lower lips and use tip to evenly spread.
Tip 2.) Rose in Full Bloom Lip Cover: Smoothly glide onto lips, starting from inner to outer direction.
Tip 3.) Soft Petal Cheeks: Dispense a certain amount and dab lightly onto both cheeks, blending quickly with fingers.
[Net Wt.] 7g
The colour I purchased are #8 
The manufactured date is written clearly at the bottom of the box.
The tube itself is so plain compared to the box. Why don’t they make it as pretty as the box? >.<    My first tint that is placed in this kind of tube 😀   The tube is really simple arghhh.. (`Δ´) But the good thing is the tube's colour is the same as the tint colour. 🙂   The tube is made of hard plastic and I need extra time everytime I want to squeeze the product out -____-" My fingers feel pain too because squeezing the hard plastic. And I'm afraid that I will squeeze out too much product too so I try to squeeze it with extra attention. :s   You can open the sponge applicator to see the product inside. Who knows that you want to directly took the product instead of using the sponge because you're tired of squeezing? XD    The sponge is really a new idea for tint product (or at least that's what I think of). Other products use cushion or just like lip gloss applicator.  But after I tried it, I don't know should I like it or dislike it. In fact I don't really like it. It's hard to make gradient lips using the sponge because it absorbs the tint and make every part that touched by the sponge has  the same colour, not lighter. So in the end I spread the product using my finger. 😐   Swatches on my hand: -left: without flash, right: with flash-   As you can see both of the colours are so prettyyyyyyyy!! No 8 After Blossom is a beautiful dark red colour, like maroon colour. While No 7 Tea Rose is a brown pink colour. Rosy Tint lips has a nice rose scent, just like its name ♥♥♥   No. 7 Tea Rose   However I'm quite dissapointed with the Tea Rose colour in my lips 🙁 In my lips it's more like peachy orange colour T.T   I use it as a blush too. Can you see the colour on my cheek? :3   Tembem pisan ya ampunnnn -_______-     No 8 After Blossom  -gradation lips-   -full lips-         While for After Blossom, I really like the colour. Seriously it's so vibrant and brighten my complexion. 😀 I have used it so many times already, you can see on my instagram XD   The texture is matte but it's not drying and doesn't show any chapped lips. That's why I love the formula of this Rosy Tint lips. I hope every matte lips has this kind of texture so I can wear it without having to feel the ugly chapped lips (≧∇≦)   The staying power is good. Even after I drink or eat, I can still see the tint on my lips, though it's not as vibrant as before I eat, but it's already quite good. What I like:  pretty box  rose scent  staying power is good  matte texture but doesn't show dry lips   What I dislike:  simple tube 😐  the plastic tube is hard to squeeze           And another product from And Rose collection is the Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in 4 new colours. I was interested in two colours but ended up only buying one colour that matched the Rosy Tint Lips #8 which is RD304 After Blossom.       I like the details on the cap, it's just like lace pattern 😀             The colour is very pretty and kinda unique for eyeliner.          I don't have much to say about this eyeliner. It's just awesome! It's waterproof, smudgeproof and stay for a long time. ^^               So have you tried or decided to try the Rosy Tint Lips and Drawing Show Creamy Pencil?  XD               Thank you and see you soon! ^^        

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Tea Rose cakep kok ce aq suka warna" gitu plus di cece pake poni jd imut bgt 😀 tp emang males bgt dah klo hrs dipencet bgt buat ngeluaisinya, biasany klo di aq lsg keluarny kelebihan, itu jd wangi bunga ya ce keras g bauny ? klo kejilat rasa pahit ? *takut bgt ngalami kyk peripera py q lg >.<
    itu y ampun eyelinerny cakep bgt di cc, cihuy ada artis korea lewat :p

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