Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Liner Review

Do you like chocolate? Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Ever thinking of chocolate as part of your makeup? Now Etude House fulfills your sweet needs with Sweet Recipe Line, one of them is Chocolate Smudge Liner :3
Here I give you one chocolate. The packaging really looks like real chocolate!
There are two colours available: #1 Dark Chocolate and #2 Milk Chocolate
It looks super real! Really wanna eat it >.<   Basically it's a gel eyeliner. You have to place it upside down and open it to get the liner 😀    Say goodbye for a while for normal eyeliner packaging that have to turn the lid to get the eyeliner, this one is more practical! 😀   Let's see the swatch: At first I thought it will be in brown colour, for me chocolate identic with brown colour ._. But apparently I was wrong! Dark chocolate is in black colour.   -after smudging-   sorry the left pic is blur 🙁 Left: after pouring water , Right: Then rub it hard and continously It's waterproof and even after you rub it again and again, it's still there. I doubt you will rub your eyes so many times :p   Now let's see the liner on my eyes -before smudging- The texture is creamy enough and the colour is pure black with no shimmer in it.   I use Masami Shouko eyeliner brush no. 309 for applying this liner. I have 4 eyeliner brush from Masami Shouko: No. 308, 309, 311 and one doesn't have number, but pretty similar to 309. The brush is so good on making precise line, just like what you can see above.  For some people maybe it will be troublesome because it doesn't include eyeliner brush. But I think it's okay, the brush will look odd together with the chocolate look alike packaging, don't you agree? xP     -after smudging- I'm so in love with this eyeliner! Without smudging, it already looks okay, but I like it better with smudging, my eyes look much more alive! It's so easy to smudge (I use Masami Shouko No. 216 brush) and stays whole day on my eyes. I applied it in the morning before going to office and when I went home late because of overtime, my eyes still look okay with it 😀  Besides, it's so practical, we don't have to use separate eyeshadows to create smudge effect, we can do  it with just one eyeliner and brush, simple right? ^^   What I like:  Cutest packaging ever for gel eyeliner!  Creamy and solid black colour with no shimmers in it  Waterproof and good staying power  Easy to smudge       What I dislike: none     Lalalala this eyeliner is super cute on my makeup collection. 😀 If you're interested to try it, you can buy it at Lovely Pinky Shop.   FB: Twitter: @LovelyPinky9 BB Pin: 28DFE236 Email: [email protected]   Recently the owner can't online routinely so you can contact her via twitter. Mention purplelyhazel to get 5% off for minimal Rp 100.000 purchase. ^^   I still have other cute items to be reviewed so stay tune, okay?            

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Written by virgo

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  1. I wore it for amost 12 hours and it smudged on under my eyes… I think it dries out fast because i think mine has almost dried out already :< Not very happy about this eyeliner DX

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