3 Concept Eyes Gel Eyeliner #L.O.V.E Review

After only trying their lip products, finally I can try 3 Concept Eyes Gel Eyeliner now which included in this month BNT News Beauty Box. Yeay! 😀 And guess what color is it?
Actually the brush and the gel eyeliner comes inside a clear plastic which is sealed with sticker that shows the price.
The eyeliner is packed inside this small box. As usual, the main colour of the packaging is black.
Did you guess it right? Yes the color I got is #love which I believe is the new shade 😀
The colour inside the box is pink *.*
Taraaa.. So this is the gel eyeliner. Kinda remind you of other brand packaging? I do but I forgot what brand is it XD
You can always this sticker on the product you purchase from 3CE (or that’s what I believe).
Now can you guess what colour is actually #love? Is it pink, red, or just ordinary black?
It’s a red colour! Wowww.. I’m not afraid with the colour (maybe one year ago I will immediately said no) because burgundy is still trending right and I began to like red colour since that XD
Let’s talk about the brush first before talking about the gel eyeliner. I like how they include brush with the gel eyeliner, moreover the handle is long which makes it easier to apply the eyeliner.
The texture of this gel eyeliner is very creamy and smooth. Seriously the texture is the best I’ve tried so far compare with other gel eyeliners I’ve tried. With the brush provided I can easily draw either thick or thin line with such good texture.
How do I use this gel eyeliner? I use it as eyeshadow and eyeliner, just like pics below.
It’s not quick drying which for me is a good idea because I can smudge it and make it looks like eyeshadow. After finish smudging it, then I draw line again. Simple and easy with just one product, right? 
I think the colour looks even much better after I applied black eyeliner to make it look more mysterious. Hahaha..
This product is waterproof and if you rub it after pouring water into it, of course the colour will fade away. But if you don’t do that extreme, the colour will stays all day on your lids. ^^
Retailed on $13.21, I think this product is really really worth to try. I still have so many gel eyeliners but I have added the black colour to my wish list. I think it’s a must have product since the texture is so creamy and the brush quality is super good ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. wooooah red gel eyeliner *Q* my favorite color is red but since last year because burgundy color has starting become a trend in winter, I'm starting to love burgundy color <3
    as I know, 3CE gel eyeliner is kinda pricey, right? :O

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