Etude House Tint My Brows Review

Not so long ago, Etude House released its newest brow products: Tint My Brows. All this time I was wondering why they don’t have liquid brow product while most other Korean brands have. And as if they could hear my thought, they released this product :p
Etude House Tint My Brows is only available in two colours: #1 Gray Brown and #2 Natural Brown.
As usual, the packaging is pretty! It’s simple but with the polkadot motives and lace, it looks much much feminine XD
This is a liquid type eyebrow tint that fills in between brow hair for smudge-free and long-lasting fine eyebrows.
Fill in between hairs with brush’s wider surface, applying in parallel direction to brow hair. 2. Hold brush vertically to draw brow line and delicate edges with brush’s slimmer surface.
Too bad that the tube of the Tint My Brow isn’t as pretty as the box that is filled with polkadot motives. But the colour of the tube represents the colour of the tint brow. Looks like an eyeliner, isn’t it? XD
I know that it looks like a brush or pen eyeliner, but the brush is thinner and smaller. 
Let’s see the swatches on my hand:
As you can see from the swatches that the colour is the same as the name of the shade. The colour is not as vibrant as what shown on my hand, but after applying several times. I think the not-so-vibrant-colour-only-with-one-application is a good thing, that’s what make it different with eyeliner, right, so the look will be more natural. ._.
Just like eyeliner test, for Tint My Brows, I did the same way. I put my hand under running water and it’s still there. In the pic, the colour looks kinda fade away because before putting my hand under running water, I’ve smudged it first. So it’s smudgeproof and waterproof. ^^
As you can see, the result on my brows is very natural. Shade #1 Gray Brown is more suitable for people with dark hair colour, like black or deep brown. Shade #2 Natural Brown is more suitable for people who have lighter hair colour. Of course, I prefer #2 Natural Brown since my hair colour is brown now 😉
– easy to use
smudgeproof and waterproof
– natural finish
– long lasting
– just available in two colours
And by the way, for you who have troubled to draw brow, you can try this Mini Brow Class from Etude House.
At the back of the packaging, there are some illustrations and explanation in Hangeul about how to use the Mini Brow Class.
The instructions are simple and easy to understand, right? So there are 3 options, choose which one you like. And then do as instructed and you’re done!
My favourite is the first one because it’s cloe to Korean straight brow ^^
So that’s how to use the brow guide. At least just draw the outline first, and then you can fill the inner part easily. 🙂
You can buy this product at:
Korean Noona
Facebook page:
Pin BB: 2918F6D2/2A841205
LINE: sherlinacelynn / novitagoh
SMS: 0877 9122 2727
email: [email protected] (pre-order only)
I hope this review can help you. Thank you for reading! ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Aieee!!! I've been wanting to try those eyebrow guides for a while but I was worried they were too thin. I need to find some place that has it in stock =) I wish they made a little darker pen for the eyebrow…or a little thicker I guess. Thanks for the reviews!

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