Christmas Swap

Hello ladies!
In this post I just want to share my Christmas swap, I didn’t remember since when we start chatting and become that close. We talked on LINE almost everyday and I can say that she is one of my best friend that I get from blogging. :’D
We did Christmas swap too last year and this year we decided to do it again. This year must be much better than last year because we already know each other better, including what she like and doesn’t like. 🙂
So we met up on Christmas day and here is what I got. A cute pink paper bag with a bridge illustration and San Fransisco name.
And these are what inside:
Wow I can say it’s a lot! Because we agreed to spend on US$30, and I think they worth more than that o.O
Started from hair product, it’s a bubble hair coloring from Etude House. I don’t know whether the colour is lighter or darker than my current hair colour. >.<   Set of false lashes.  I don't have many false lashes and I have one tutorial on my mind that need quite unique lashes and I asked Via whether she knows any online shop that sell the eyelashes that I want. This one is not what I asked Via of, all I want to say that for me Via is an expert in eye lashes compare to me because she use it everyday hahaha.. XD    Lip products <3 <3 1. Peripera Tint Glow Stick #5 Magic of Love Actually I bought shade no 3 on my Korea trip last month, but it was accidentally broken ;_; Never thought that Via will give me this one but in a different colour. Yeay 😀 2. The Saem Ally's Ajell Milky Color Stick #3 Milky Rose Pink The colour is pretty! Can't wait to try it out (≧∇≦)   And two cute bows! Yeay.. (๑´▽`๑)   And of course Christmas card ^^   In case you want to see our faces :p         Thank you, Vi! Let's do it every year 😀   I'm using Ageha Caramel Brown from Japan Softlens Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡       That's all for now. Happy holiday! (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡                

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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