Garnier BB Cream Blogger Gathering Event

Last Wednesday on June 26, I was invited to come to Garnier Blogger Gathering Event. Held in Kuningan after office hour, so I said yes. Unfortunately it was raining heavily. I was like T.T T.T
So I waited around half hour until the rain stopped then I called Ce Mei from Pygmalionland, I asked her whether the event had started or not. She said it hadn’t started yet so I rushed there. Not knowing the exact place but finally I reached the place. Fiuh..
When I arrived, I can see my beloved blogger friends had arrived. Ce Phanie came to greet me, how kind she is! And not long after that, the event started.
This gathering was held to introduce us to new BB Cream from Garnier: Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector.
The brand ambassador for this BB Cream is the lovely Pevita Pearce. She is so beautiful, isn’t she? ^^
So representatives of Garnier explained to us about this BB Cream. It has double function, as moisturizer and as makeup. With the lemon extract, it helps to brighten our face. And the price is really really affordable. For the introductory price, they sell it for just Rp16.500. Cheap, right? While the normal price is Rp19.500 and it’s still cheap compared to other BB Cream in the market. ^^
So after that, we were invited to try the BB Cream ourselves! Yeay. They had prepared set of bowls with water and their facial foam.
Then the trainer explained to us how to wash our face with the Garnier facial foam, continued with how to use the BB Cream.
After cleansing my face with the foam. Felt so fresh 😀
Then the trainer need a model and randomly I was picked ._. 
*photo credit to Tia*
She said that it’s better to apply it on our face per segment and don’t use it too much.
It only has one colour but Garnier believes and certains that this colour will match Indonesian women’s skin tone perfectly. 
-with Garnier BB Cream-
I can feel that this BB Cream gives matte result. I always prefer dewy finish, but I think this one is okay since it feels so lightweight on my face as if I don’t wear anything. Since it’s so lightweight and act as moisturizer, it doesn’t give too much coverage so you can still my acne scars there.
In the end, we had dinner together and talking about this and that. I really enjoyed that night, meeting with my friend and had a chance to know more about Garnier BB Cream and their team. 😉
This is the goody bag we received before going home. The comb is so cute xD
So thank you, Garnier Indonesia for the lovely event and thank you for reading! ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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