Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream and Pact Review

Another review from Holika Holika. Have I told you that I love these brand lately, besides Tony Moly? Probably because I’m bored with Etude. Not really that bored because I still bought their products. Hahaha..
So today I will review BB cream and pact from Luminous Silk Line. Besides BB Cream and pact, there is also a primer but i don’t really interesting in it. As usual, there are only two shades: 21 Light Beige and 23 Natural Beige and I choose no. 23.
Can you see how lovely the packaging is? >.< When I first look at this Luminous Silk line, it made me remember of Peripera product which is always so girly and the packaging looks alike in terms of lace. Since the price is cheaper, so I purchased Holika Holika's.    Let's start with the BB cream first. 1. Luminous Silk BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ No. 23 Natural Beige I was looking for BB Cream that I can use for daily when I go to work. The one that I have reviewed before: Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB is just too glowy and I think too white for daily use so I decided to buy this one although I didn't know the finishing this BB Cream would give at that time :p   As usual (maybe you get bored of this), the packaging captivates me the most. Soft pink colour plus lace, I can't resist it, it's just too girly >.< And the part where the words are written is not sticker but cloth I think. xD     Size: 50g    Description from Luminous Silk BB contains silk powder and moisture capsules which makes your skin feel soft and adds a beautiful glistening finish. It spreads lightly and thinly on your skin, so it's hard to tell that you're even wearing it. This BB cream will melt into your skin create a truly natural look.   It comes in a pump! But sometimes I find it hard to pump the product out. -,-     Swatch on my hand: I'm so happy that the shade really similar to my skin tone, neither too dark nor too white. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ   What I like:  pretty packaging <3 <3 <3  similar to my skin tone  fair to medium coverage, can be builld up  matte finish  has a light floral scent that will disappear few seconds after application  good oil control! My T-zone starts to oily after 5 hours of application  doesn't cause any whitehead  contains SPF42 PA+++   What I dislike:  sometimes it's hard to pump the product out     I really love this BB cream and it becomes my HG BB cream now, even beats the previous Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream that I like. xD           2. Luminous Silk Aura Pact SPF25 PA++   I was looking for powder that is travel friendly. I have an oily skin and they say that loose powder is better than compact one. But I think loose powder isn't travel friendly, nowadays I do my makeup at car, so I prefer pact. To match the BB cream, I choose this Aura Pact. 😀         Not too much talking about the packaging. It's just the same with the BB Cream, SUPER lovely >.<     I use the puff to apply the powder on my face. It's so soft and puffy <3   There is a separator between the puff and the powder so it won't get messy in case the powder is broken.   Actually, there is a pattern on the powder, just like the case of the pact, but it's not too clear on the pic, maybe because I have used it too so the pattern faded away. The powder has the same light scent with the BB cream. I never used it alone, I always top it over BB cream but I can say that the coverage is pretty good compared to Etude House Precious Mineral pact. It makes my skin look smoother and more flawless. :3   I think this picture can show you well how good is the coverage of the BB Cream. With just one layer, it covers the redness pretty well. With two layer, it's much better than one layer. I just tap tap it to the area that need more coverage. But still if the acne scars is really bad (like mine -__-), it can't be covered, we need concealer for that. But for BB Cream itself, I think it already does a good job 😀 After that, I set it with pact and wow.. My face almost looks flawless right? Hahahhaa xD   What I like:  pretty packaging  quite high SPF for a pact  light floral scent  good coverage        Well I give both products 5 stars because they really meet my expectations. I recommend this to people who love pretty packaging and in the same time wants a good coverage and high SPF BB cream and pact. (*´∇`*)   In case you haven't join my giveaway, just click the picture below. There are some days left. 😀     See you on my next post! ^^                                  

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Written by virgo

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  1. I tried this one yesterday in sample pack and I found this product is an absolutely awesome. At first I don't like it because It gives pinkish glow or looks like pearl glow on my skin. Then, when I met up with my bf, he likes it. He said my face looks different, flawless and glow. I guess I need to buy one because he keep mention it until today. hahha. Glad found your blog, not only me like this bb cream. 🙂


  2. Hi ,
    Thanks for this awesome review!
    If u use the pact on its own,
    Does it give a matte/glossy finish?
    I'm thinking of buying but I don't like powders
    that leave my face looking matte/caked… =D

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