Holika Holika’s First Store in Jakarta!

Hi All!
Just want to tell you good news that Holika Holika finally opens its first store in Jakarta (≧∇≦)
The grand opening was on last Saturday, October 5. I had planned to visit Central Park, because they are located side by side, I decided to go to Taman Anggrek first. Yes, the store is located at Mall Taman Anggrek, Ground Floor. It’s huge and you will find no difficulty to find the store. 😀
So here are some photos of the store:
I should say that almost all Holika Holika’s products are available there. You know, Tony Moly store product availability is not that wide, but this, I think all are available there 😀 Even the newest collection, like lip crayon, tinted rouge, CC Cream are available there. 😀
But of course the price is quite expensive, compared to purchase directly in Korea or by online shop. 🙁
Yesterday there was a sale there, 20% for skincare, 30% for makeup and 10% for accessories and for minimum Rp500.000 purchase, you can get member card. So me and my friend did some shopping yesterday :p
It’s so crowded yesterday and I think the staff or the beauty assistant can’t handle too many people. I can find the product by myself but sometimes when the product I want isn’t there, I still need to ask them, right? ._.
One thing that quite annoying for me is the cashier. Well, I’m sure that I added liquid concealer and brow pencil to my basket but when I checked it at home, I couldn’t find them so I checked the invoice and they’re not recorded too. -_____-”
And she is quite slow with the scanning process. I know she must be very tired because the store was so crowded that day, I just hope that next time the cashier get training so she/he can work better and this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future. 🙂
So that’s all for now. Thank you for reading ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Ah, how exciting! Your Holika Holika is actually a lot bigger than the one here in Toronto. *u* And it's a shame about the cashier… hopefully you can find a better one later on (they'd probably hire more people, eh?)! We've got similar "cashier problems" (haha) here in the Toronto HH as well… and they're actually pretty rude. .-. And pushy.

  2. Ignorant me didn't know the brand had makeup. I only know their skincare products and BB Creams, which we have to buy online. As far as I know, Tte only Korean brand with brick & mortar stores in Europe so far is Skin79 with a store in Madrid.

  3. Wow.. ka kece banget kyk Suzy disini.. 🙂 interior storenya dreamy bgt.. andai aku tinggal di jkt.. 🙁 itu lipnya warnanya cuakep.. itu innisfree colorglow lipstik ya? oh ya.. salam kenal ya kak..:) aku udh lama jdi silent reader disini.. blognya isinya update dan review2nya keren.. 🙂

  4. Butterflies and purple T.T haha didn't know they finally have Holika store here 😀 but considering the price (and how broke I am) most likely I will stick to Korean online stores haha. You look so pretty in that dress and love your red lips! <3

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