I.Fairy Hanabi Red Review

Hello.. I’m back with another circle lens review.. This time it’s from I.Fairy, Hanabi series in Red color, sent to me by Iszocirclelens for review purpose.
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water content: 55%
Base curve: 8.6
-inside part-
-upside part-
Design and color 9/10:
The design is quite unique, just like tornado. And the color is just really bright, even with indoor lighting, you can still see the vivid red colour. 
-indoor lighting-
-with flash-
Enlargement 7/10:
With 16.2 mm, the lenses look big but still quite natural. I think that Geo Big Grang Grang is bigger than this although the dia is only 15mm.
Comfort 9/10:
I never have problems with I.Fairy lens before and this one is the same. I think I.Fairy lens is more comfortable than Geo lens, eventhough I still need to use eyedrop after 7 hours.
Overall, I think that this lens is more suitable for cosplay. You will look weird using red lens in daily life 😐
You can check this lens at Iszocirclelens’ website. Don’t forget to use: Rinic10 to get 10% discount on your order ^^
That’s all for now, thank you for reading ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. wah dulu aku pengen beli ini nih secara waktu itu lagi cari lense warna merah tp pas liat diameter nya ga jadi deh :p takut ga muat di mataku

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