Hi all!
I’ve been using too much matte lipsticks lately that my lips started to scream for moist lipstick hahaha.. Then I took a look at my drawer and saw these babies: Innisfree Glow Tint Stick. I have owned it since the beginning of this year but forgot to review it. Guess I have to do it now, good things should be shared right? 😉
Innisfree Glow Tint Stick is released earlier this year when the season is almost spring. Released in 10 colors which mostly comes in pink and red color. The main color which Yoona use on the ads is no. 1, 6, and 3. None of them did I pick though hahaha, I am more interesting in no. 9 and 10. :3
 The main points that are emphasized from this product is pure glow, clear color, long lasting and camellia oil.
I think nothing much to say about the packaging, guess you all may already know about Innisfree signature style, their makeup packaging always come in clean and simple design with environmentally friendly cardbox.
The stick comes in a slim and white tube. The lower part of the stick is to twist the product up while on the upper part of the stick you can see the color representation of the stick. Well honestly I’m not used to it, since usually the colors are shown at the lower part of the tube haha..
Make sure that you don’t twist up the product too much, 1mm is enough because the product is not retractable, you can’t twist it down back so be careful ya!
 First of all, the texture is really really creamy, it’s as if the product melts into my lips! Seriously I don’t have any problem applying this on my lips. It gives glossy finish, just like what it claimed: pure glow and I think that’s definitely right. The product moistures my lips and I feel like as if I’m using lip balm! 😀
The colors are really pigmented! Girls, you can achieve almost the same vibrant colors like my swatches above only with one swipe! o.O
Now now, it feels like I am using highly pigmented lip balm hahhaa..
09 Sunset at 7pm is a pretty burgundy color. I just love burgundy color and can’t get over it!
10 Rosy Spring Sunset is a pretty pink color. Definitely my comfort zone color ya hahahah..
I think this time Innisfree did a perfect job with the color illustration on their ads because the color looks exactly the same on my lips and with the ads pic, don’t you agree??
Don’t forget that the product name is Tint Glow Stick so besides giving that glossy finish, it also serves as tint. I’m deeply impressed with the long lasting finish of this product, even after the gloss has faded away, the color still stays vibrant on my lips!
Innisfree product rarely disappoint me and this one is no exception! I really like Innisfree lip product, especially their Real Fit Lipstick (read: Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick Review) and this one also has been added to my must have product! The price is KRW10,000, cheaper than their lipstick but with the same great quality. I suggest you to try it if you want to have glossy lips that really moisture your lips!

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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