I like to try out new eyeliners, but not as much as trying out new lipstick hahaha.. This month, along other products that BNT News sent me, I noticed there is one eyeliner from Catalina Geo. This brand is still unfamiliar to me, having only tried out one product in the past. Catalina Geo is part of Lafine Cosmetics from Korea. Catalina was an Italian beauty and Geo meaning ‘from nature’.    
Reknowned for quality, affordability and excellence, Catalina Geo products are made from premium non-allergenic ingredients and have outstanding results with problem skin types.
The packaging is simple and not much different with other gel eyeliners out there. The brush is included at the upper part of the cap. I like the English detail on the box, it doesn’t look like Korea cosmetics at all. XD    
A fast drying longer wearing waterproof liner that glides on to make the right statement. Catalina Geo’s Gel Eye Liner will also moisturise the eyes with its components of Natural Flower Extracts Rose, Edelweiss, Lily and Daffodil.
There are two colors avail
able: 1. Smoky Black and 2. Chocolate Brown and I got the black one.    
The brush provided is not that helpful to creating thin line, because the bristle is quite thick.    
First of all, the texture is not that creamy. I have tried several eyeliner brushes, thinking maybe that the brush is the factor why it won’t glide on smoothly on my eyelid. But no, I think it’s because of the formula itself. It’s really fast drying like what they claimed, so you should work fast on creating the eyeliner you want. Adding another layer on top of the line you already draw will be quite difficult as it is already dried and harden.    
Thankfully the colour is black enough with matte finish. I know some prefer matte finisih compare to glossy, for me I don’t have specific preference, as long as the color is really really black,it’s enough for me. 
The color stays put throughout the day, but sometimes when I am sleepy, you know that my eyes will get watery hahaha.. Then  I can see it smudging a little bit on my lower lash line area. Hmmm..
Catalina Geo Gel Eyeliner sadly didn’t meet my expectation of a good eyeliner. I try to like it but seems like it’s just not for me. I would prefer eyeliner that is easy to apply on my eyelid and doesn’t smudge. 🙂   
These products were sent to me for review purpose. Nevertheless the review is made based on my honest opinion after using the products. Visit BNT News for updated news about Korean fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment ♥

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Written by virgo

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