Miomi Super Nudy Brown Review

Wanted to try other brand besides Geo, so I purchased Miomi Super Nudy Brown. What’s great is it comes with cute bunny lens case 😀
Color (4/5):
The brown colour is very soft. And sometimes I think it looks like grey colour more than brown colour. Hahaha.. The colour is great to achieve that bling bling eye look.
Pattern (4/5):
The pattern is very natural and blends well into my eyes. It doesn’t look too fake on my eyes. I still prefer natural color lens like black or brown to blue or green colour.
Enlargement (2/5):
Since it’s a 14.5 mm lens, I can’t hope too much for the enlargement effect. But still better than not wearing lens at all :3
Comfort (2/5):
After wearing it for about 3 hours, I started to feel discomfort on my eyes. I have to use eye lens drop to make it feel better. 
Overall, this lens is okay for everyday look, when you don’t want to look too obvious that you are wearing lens. Too bad that it makes my eyes feel dry after 3 hours so I don’t use this lens too much now. I still prefer Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown. 
That’s all I wanna share about this lens. Thank you for reading ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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