Missha The Style Velvet Gradation Tint Review

Ehemmm ehemmm..
Sorry everyone, it’s another lip product review ._.
I hope you don’t mind since I keep buying lip products, hence I keep reviewing them ._.
Anyway today lip product is new collection from Missha, called The Style Velvet Gradation Tint. 
I knew about this product when I looked at Missha’s website. It’s a cushion thingy lip product and since I really like Etude House Rosy Tint Lips and Aritaum Wannabe Cushion, I want to give this one a try 😀
Missha The Style Velvet Gradayion Tint comes in a box that match the colours inside. The box looks like expensive product. Well, actually most of Missha’s products give that impression ^^
The colors I bought are Ironic Pink and Sangria Wine. Missha is a global brand but unfortunately there’s no English description on the box 🙁
Aren’t you tempted with this pic? *.* Since i’m not a fan of orange colour, that’s why I picked the two pink colour :3
Price: KRW10.800 / USD 10.8 / IDR129,600
The Velvet Gradation Tint comes in a quite long packaging, with glossy material and colour that matches the tint colour. It is a bit heavy though.
The applicator is identical with Etude House Rost Tint Lip’s applicator but this is much more well designed. Why? Because there are some holes where the tint will come up from. 
How to get the product out? You need to rotate the bottom part of the tube. For first usage, I felt a bit tired because I kept rotate it but nothing came out. In the end, the product finally came out but it’s too much. Duhhh -_-
I think there’s a control issue with this product. The product always comes out too much T.T
– Ironic Pink-
I think from the swatch pic above, you can already tell that it doesn’t look like pink at all, but more like red colour which make me disappointed. The colour is different with the advertorial pic. 
When first applied it, the finish result will be glossy but after dried, the result will be matte, just like pic below.
– Sangria Wine –
Unlike Ironic Pink which disappoint me, I really like Sangria Wine colour. It’s a pink purplish colour. Either gradation or full lips, I like both 😀
Unfortunately sometimes the color will look uneven on lips, or there are flakes on lips. -_-
The colour doesn’t stay all day too. There’s no scent as long as I can remember.
#Ironic Pink
#Sangria Wine, gradation
#Sangria Wine, full lips
Actually I had high expectation for Missha The Style Velvet Gradation Tint since it’s from Missha and Missha products usually have good quality. But sorry to say that this one is not for me. Etude House Rosy Tint Lips and Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint are still the best lip cushion thingy for me XD

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. wah ga sangka produk dr missha kali ini kurang bagus :/ aku punya lip gloss dr missha dan cinta banget sama warna and formulanya 🙂

    you're really pretty as always 😉 thanks for the review 😀 I enjoy your makeup reviews (especially for lippies since I'm a junkie for them hihi) and sorry for not commenting for so long 😡

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