Silky Girl Magic BB Cream Review

It’s been a long time since the last time I used BB Cream, I’m too in love with cushion thingy hihi..
Cosmekita help me recall my sweet memories with BB Cream by giving me this Silky Girl Magic BB Cream on their goodie bag. ^^
This is the first Silky Girl product I’ve tried.
The tube is considered medium size, not too long or short, with light blue colour for the packaging. Pretty simple packaging actually.
It claims to be all-in-one BB Cream: moisturize, conceal, makeup base, shine control, brighten, even, refine, smoothens, and firms with SPF 30/PA+++. I don’t know how many shades available, but I got mine in shade no. 1 Natural.
– Formulated with Mineral Powder thus the Magic BB Cream spreads and blends easily on skin to provide a natural finish
– With natural AHAs from 5 types of botanical extracts to increase skin cell’s renewal rate and eliminate dullness
– Highly moisturizing with Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin E Derivatives, so skin appears more youthful
– Protects skin from UVA with PA+++ & UVB with SPF 30
– Oil-free, fragrance-free & non-comedogenic
– Formulated for Asian skin
Size: 18ml
All this time I thought Silky Girl is made in Indonesia. I was wrong hahaha -_-
It’s made in Thailand.
It’s easy to control how much BB Cream I need to use because of the not-too-big hole. But I still prefer pump type if possible.
The BB Cream is quite thick in texture. However it’s still easy to blend and gives medium to full coverage. When I need to have more coverage, I just use it like concealer, patting it on area that need more coverage. Fortunately it’s not cakey and the oil control is just average, around 3-4 hours until I need to start using blotting paper.
The shade is natural beige, suits well for warm undertone people. However for me, the shade doesn’t match well, it’s too dark ._. Usually with Korean BB Cream, I go for shade Natural Beige and it still looks fine. I guess my face is whiter these days. Hehehe..
By the way, I like how it can give natural glow to my face. <3   The pictures above show you the coverage test and the BB Cream colour on my face. As I have mentioned before, it can give medium to full coverage, thanks to the thick texture. I just use one layer on pics above and it can already covers my acne scars nicely!    And about the colour, I'm sorry if the lighting looks different in the below pics, but the right one is exactly how it looks on my face in real life, it's too dark. >.< I wish it could match my skin tone better because I like the coverage T.T       Although it says fragrance-free, I can still smell something from this BB Cream. It's not annoying and I quite like the scent actually. Hihi :3     - medium to full coverage - nice scent - SPF30/PA+++ - medium tube, easy to take everywhere - gives natural glow to my face       - doesn't suit my skin tone - thick texture     FOTD with Silky Girl Magic BB Cream and Lovedrops Urumi Liner ^^     So which one is your favourite from all goodie bag I got from Cosmekita event (you can read here) ? Is it Lovedrops Urumi Liner, Maybelline Shine Water Pure Lipstick P22 or Silky Girl Magic BB Cream? ^^              

What do you think?

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  1. Sorry to hear it didn't suit you! There are only two shades and they are quite 'flat' in color! I haven't picked it up because I've never liked their products really.

  2. aku juga suka sama coveragenya, dari bb cream yg pernah aku coba, sejauh ini yg coveragenya oke ya silkygirl ini. tapi sayangnya bikin breakout di aku T_T
    fotdnya cantik banget ce ^^

  3. Kak…… sesekali fotonya jangan cantik banget gitu, bisa? :3

    Aku sekarang lagi pake bomgyeol kak. Itu glowynya lumayan cakep justru makin lama dipake. Cocok buat aku yg banyak kegiatan di luar hihi dulu pake ponds terlalu…. heavy gitu kayaknyaa

  4. Bahahaha aku juga baru notice kalo silky girl itu dari Thai ya? Good coverage ya, bisa nutupin dosa di wajah. Trus efeknya juga glowing gitu ya, cool. Kematemenku beli ini juga, kayaknya lumayan terjangkau juga harganya ^^

  5. ce, cantiiiik banget selca ya d sini *Q*
    wah ga nyangka ya covernya bagus juga :O
    aku malah kira silkygirl tuh dr malay, taunya made in thailand ya lol

  6. i once did want to try this bb cream, but the girl in the counter wasn't that friendly T T, when i asked her from which country this brand she just said "it's silky girl!!". so i thought i was too lame to ask that. but after read this review, i think i'll give it a try. thnk u><

  7. looooove the coverage! better than I expected XD too bad it doesn't match your skintone rin. (the foundie I got doesn't match mine too haha)

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